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As an American, how can I gain employment in Europe?

Asked by kraka (44points) August 1st, 2008

I’m not married to anyone from the EU. I’m not wealthy or a celebrity. My Irish lineage is too far back to claim for passport purposes. I don’t have a PhD in medicine…but without these things I’ve not been able to find a way to live and work in Europe. It’s been a passion of mine since I attended college there for 5 years (almost 9 years ago) to return. I’ve had friends who have tried to employ me in their companies, but have had trouble proving that my skills as a graphic designer are more worthy than any EU citizen. And I haven’t found an American company with needs for a designer overseas.
Now that there’s Fluther I thought: Why not ask? Anyone with any ideas?

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Marry some one from Europe

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Go to work for an American Company with European offices.

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Most companies in Europe require EU membership for jobs, My mother just got “permission to work” In Italy, but you have to have a future European employer apply for this, and from their you have to fly to the nearest consulate of that country in your American Region and then pick up the work Visa, For my mother this is a trip from Italy all the way to LA and back. at the cost of 1900 USD. It is only good for a year. when that year is up you have to go stand in line in the country you are in for 3 days to get it renewed, and you have to be still employed, This is because European Union only allows visas (travel) for three months at a time. The above answers work as well, but the above steps will be taken care of by the employer. A lot of jobs for Americans can be found through American Universities, this is really helpful if you speak the language of the country that you are trying to go to.

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There are some “exchange programs” for young professionals including through Fulbright, the Congress-Bundestag program, etc. The French-American Chamber of Commerce offers a training-ship, which they will help you with all the visa papers for.

Also, some European governments (such as France and Spain) have English assistantships for one year.

Unfortunately, these are all short term programs. Basically, with the growth of the EU it’s getting harder for non-EU foreigners to get in legitimately.

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