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Memorable Proposals (i.e. "Will you Marry Me?")

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) August 1st, 2008

Do you remember how you proposed to your spouse? Did you hear about a proposal that you thought was creative, funny, touching, etc.? Why was it special? Because it was grand or expensive? Or, because it showed that the person had spent time thinking about it? Was it in front of a lot of people? Or just the two of you?

If you were to do it, how would you do it?

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I read about some guy in England who put a very expensive ring in a balloon… and then accidentally lost his grip on it. She said no. LOL

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I like best the ones where it is just the two people and not a crowd.

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ours was really cheesy, so contain yourself if you can…

my wife’s favorite game is Mad Gabs…it’s a game of phonics where you get a card with words that when put together sound like something else…for instance…

Can Twin Furl Who Sing = Can’t win for losing.

We’re the best at this game, so none of our friends like to play it with us. so anyways, I made a bunch of Mad Gab cards about things we enjoy or phrases that we use. And the last one said, “Will Hugh Mare Reem He”. I cooked dinner and told her I wanted to play a game at the end of dinner. She struggled with a few of the cards, probably because I’m not good at making up my own Mad Gabs. But as she got to the last one I reached behind the curtain and let her read the card a few times before she really understood what it meant. I added some more words that aren’t important to this discussion and she said yes.

she knew I was going to propose, but she didn’t expect it that was a happy evening.

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Besides I’ve not really heard much/thought about it much, a while to go yet, if at all eh? :)

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I was in Toronto for the 2003 WorldCon when my (now ex-)fiance proposed to me. We were there with the George R.R. Martin fan group, the Brotherhood Without Banners. I was feeling ill and stayed at the hotel during one of George’s book signings, so my fiance bought a copy of GRRM: A RRetrospective and had George inscribe the proposal on the inside cover. He presented it to me at the Brotherhood’s suite party, in front of about a bajillion people, including George and his partner Parris. There used to be pictures of it at the Brotherhood’s website but that appears to be down. I’m not sure if it’s just my computer being wonky or if the site really isn’t working.

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my best friend went to disneyland in their first date… So when her boyfriend decided to propose to her, he set it up where we were all went to Disneyland together(me her best friend and my gf at the time) anyways he propsed to her on the drop in splash mountain ride.. It’s cool cause it was when the camera takes the picture of your group on the ride… I thought that was nice

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I was proposed to in my college dorm; he went down on his knee and asked me to marry him in a little semi-private nook we had. It was so wonderful. He told me to think carefully before I said “yes.” I can’t think of anything more romantic. We went looking for the ring later—together.

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A long time ago….
My dad: You’re pregnant, aren’t you?
Me: Yes.
My dad: You’re going to get married, right?
Me: Um, yeah, that sounds like a really good idea.
My dad: We’ll go to a judge tomorrow.
Me: O.K.

Later that day….picking my boyfriend up from work…
Me: How was your day?
BF: Good, how about yours?
Me: Pretty good, we’re getting married at 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.
BF: We are?
Me: Yup.
BF: O.K.

We have a 15-year-old, an 11-year-old, and a ten-year-old….we’re still loving each other. Pretty good for being helped into making that decision after only four months of knowing him!

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wow, that’s an amazing story, gimmedat!

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Thanks, yeah, it is pretty cool!

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At a restaurant overlooking a beautiful view of city lights.
A desert tray with will you marry me? Spelled with chocolate and rose peddles.
Ring placed below the question mark.
The cover opening up and her face….

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I was sitting on my kitchen counter in my pajamas and he had just walked in the door from work. :) I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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