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How much of the stuff we recycle actually makes it to recycling centers?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46615points) August 27th, 2016

And how much ends up in the landfill anyway?

I spend a bit of effort on my recycling and follow the rules. I don’t throw grease or food contaminated stuff in my recycle can, unless it can be rinsed off.

I peel off labels, except for those that require an act of God to get off (wine bottles!) As far as I know, I don’t throw anything that can’t be recycled in my bin.

I haul the city bin out to the curb every Monday night, and haul it back in on Tuesday.

Am I wasting my time?

However, the upside is I only have to take the trash-trash out once a week now, rather than 2+ times a week. That saves on trash bags.

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My county and city say they recycle over 98% of the items put in recycle bins. They scan and remove inappropriate items.

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Almost all of our recycling gets reused in one form or another. We also have a separate pickup for compostables. My trash is down to one bag a week.

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An entire truck load of recyclables can be taken to the landfill if there is contamination, Like greasy food containers, pizza boxes. Or filmy plastic bags. Some people throw their recyclables in the recycle big in plastic bags and the poor shmucks that have to sort it have to take valuable time to empty the bags!
I am amazed at the trucks that haul the recycled cardboard to the place where it can be recycled. The cardboard is strapped into huge bales and many bales can be put on one truck. WOW! And the amount of litter that comes off that trailer when the truck first hits the freeway!

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That’s why I try hard to follow the rules. Filmy stuff goes in a separate sack that I empty at Walmart.
I don’t put stuff in the plastic bags. It’s all in the open.
If its contaminated with grease I don’t put it in the recycle bin.

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I just wish companies made it easier to recycle, like making it easy to get labels off.

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Here you don’t have to worry about labels. Just rinse and toss.

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