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Would you vote for an artificial intelligence to run your country?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5489points) August 30th, 2016

Like some sort of super computer that makes decisions based on logic, statistics and analysis.

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No. We have that already, basically, with far leftists and far rightists. The AI would never understand compromise.

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If I get to design and/or program it.
Reminds me of this great song.

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We’ll have one if Trump wins. Except for the intelligence part.

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This is sort of like asking a person in 1916 if they would drive an automobile from coast to coast in the USA in a week or so. At the time it would have been an entirely ludicrous proposition. The auto was barely capable; the roads were impassable to non-existent, and fuel was tough to obtain. No one but a dreamer could have answered “yes”, and he was a half-century early.

Ask your question in another fifty years or so. I don’t see it as a realistic choice in my lifetime. And that’s after the technology exists, the security issues are worked out, the programming has been thoroughly vetted and agreed-upon… and there is a truly uninterruptible power supply. None of those conditions yet exists. It’s an entirely premature speculation.

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”...that makes decisions based on logic, statistics and analysis.

Nowhere do I see the word compassion or understanding. I would never vote for AI.

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If the AI was implanted with the intelligence of Bernie Sanders, I’d sooner vote for “him” than I would the Unintelligence with artificial hair that’s currently blustering for president.

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I’ve never longed to live in a monarchy.

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Not until computers can deal with gray areas and fuzzy logic. Not until they can recognize an object at a glance, from partial information, without laborious pattern-matching and extrapolation algorithms. Not until they learn morality, empathy, and mercy.

Not until they are more like humans, in other words.

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Nope, no more than I would want an artificial intelligence to hand out judgement in a court. For some decisions it will always be best that flawed humanity is the final arbiter.

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Not unless ALL countries were governed by AI.

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Technology is nice, but a machine is and should be a tool, not a master.

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Sapient or not?

If not, then no – for reason others have already outlined.

If sapient then – no. I will not, and cannot, assume that a sapient machine will be any more free of emotional reactions or irrational behavior than any organic being.

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Artificial intelligence is better than real stupidity ~

In all seriousness though, it would depend a lot on how the field of AI unfolds. With current computing it’d be a big “no” from me. Without knowing the specifics of what happens down the road with computing I’m not sure I could make a decision now.

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Fuck no. I don’t even like the amount of “representation” I get in this representative democracy. I’ll be damned if I’ll hand it over to a computer program on steroids. I’d like a little more say in those things that directly affect me directly, not less.

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I’d settle for ANY intelligence.

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No. I don’t vote. It’s a bullshit game.

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I’d like to have some kind of intelligence running the place.

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Artificial intelligence with Trump in an advisory capacity might work. He’s certainly a free thinker. The US needs new ideas, if not new nuts.

Clinton could use AE. Artificial Ethics. Supplant her lack of natural. We could form a pool on how many days it would take her to lock the program up. How many times. Then it would be like the Nixon tapes.

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How about something we tell everyone is AI but actually is a bunch of brains of criminally asymptomatic individuals hooked up together?

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@Winter_Pariah ~How is that different than what we have now?

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We have that already, basically, with far leftists and far rightists. The AI would never understand compromise.
It would be a moderate by default.

Man would never vote for an A.I. to do anything, that would remove man from his pedestal. The notion that something or someone can do all things (even most things) better than himself? Horse pucky.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Well… the whole cops killing people with high melanin levels would be a non issue. XD

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Don’t we already?

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@tinyfaery Artificial Intelligence, not Absence of Intelligence (and ethics, morals, virtue, honesty…) XD

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I would probably vote for ANY intelligence to run the US at this time.

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