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Are all kids with ADHD hyperactive?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42454points) September 5th, 2016

I casually clicked on a “test” thing to see how much I know about ADHD. That was one of the question. I answered “Yes.” Well, the test said that’s the wrong answer but that makes no sense. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD is the term used for just Attention Deficit Disorder. That’s how we defined it in the schools, anyway.

So, can you explain this?

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It’s not HD Hyperactive Disorder…ADHD is all about a person/child’s inability to maintain focus or attention to tasks and lessons. From my personal experience, spectrum disorder kids get hyperactive because the firestorm in their heads is out of control and that is their way to express their frustrations or being uncomfortable or stressed. To the uninitiated it may just appear as the kid is hyperactive, having a tantrum and out of control.

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ADD is the inability to stay focused. You throw the HD in there and it IS about hyperactivity as well. That’s what it stands for.

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My bad @Dutchess_III Just my ADD getting in the way of a sensible answer.

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I’m just glad you’re here!

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What I heard from a professional recently is that the current DSM no longer uses the term “ADD.” Now it’s “ADHD.” I haven’t verified it but if it’s true, there’s no longer Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s now all considered Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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The entire ADHD thing is a complete lie.

Children aren’t supposed to sit in one place and be force fed things they don’t care about without getting bored.

ADHD is completely manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. It’s ‘cures’ do more harm than good.

Your child is SUPPOSED TO BE NOT WANTING TO SIT IN ONE PLACE FOR LONG. That’s natural. That’s normal. The child that sits with no affect is the one to be concerned about.

I don’t care what anyone says. We weren’t meant to sit and rot. These ‘disorders’ are not a disorder.

Same with ‘restless leg syndrome. ’

Stagnant behavior is unhealthy, so our bodies react negatively to sedentary lives. We are meant to move, not sit and learn at a desk.

Same goes for adults. At what point in evolution has anything but a sloth been evolved for such a mundane existence?

IMO, this is like calling hunger ‘empty stomach disorder.’ You need food to live, it’s not some strange thing happening to you.

If we were meant to sit still we wouldn’t have arms and legs. We wouldn’t be alive. We wouldn’t have mapped this planet. Wouldn’t care about space travel. Wouldn’t care about anything.

ADHD makes as much sense as saying a kitten should just sit still and pay attention. No sense at all.

Maybe big pharma can find a ‘cure’ for my thirst, like some sort of liquid. Not water though. That would be natural and feasible.

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@MrGrimm888 I appreciate your argument, but there are two major flaws:

1) Contrary to the myth, small children (preschool to 2nd grade) are not required to sit quietly for hours at a time in school. That isn’t how the classrooms, or lessons, are structured. Most of the lessons for that age group involve being up, moving around, hands-on, doing things. They also get a 15 to 30 minute outdoor recess every couple of hours, unlike the older kids who only get one twice a day.

2) It isn’t the schools deciding the kids have a problem. It’s the parents, and they decide there is a problem long before the kid are old enough to begin attending school.

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Maybe. I don’t think ADHD is even real. The guy who came up with it admitted such on his deathbed. Active and hyperactive kids have been with us a long long time and they need firm teaching to learn to control themselves. They don’t need labels and drugs.

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