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Are China's claims /actions in the South China Sea similar to Israeli settlements on formerly Palestinian land?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) October 13th, 2016

I think the situations are rather identical. But China’s actions have been deemed more deplorable. At least from the media I’m exposed to.

Personally, I denounce both countries actions. I rarely see much about the suffering the Palestinians are subjected to by Israel. But every two days I hear about China building a runway, or something.

Is the disparity in media coverage western propaganda ?

What advantage do Israel’s actions provide the west?

Why vilify China, but not Israel?

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China is a frenemy and Israel supposedly an ally of the West but I agree, I think both the land and sea grabs are deplorable abuses of power.

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There are some significant differences in the origin of the two actions.

Israel took the West Bank in reaction to armed aggression by others. That is why it is considered “occupied territory.”

China, the dominant country in the area, is trying to expand its hegemony

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^Yes. There are significant differences. But both are using aggressive behavior of other nations as an excuse to expand. In the process, they are violating dozens of international laws. And violating human rights.

My main reason for the question is the perception, or intended perception that the media is displaying ,is selective.

Every time the US goes to war with someone, in my lifetime, there’s a media blitz first. The media talks to no end of how evil a country is. Then we blow them up, or try and change the country’s leadership, and /or government.

We won’t be going to war with Israel, now matter how badly they treat Palestinian people.

Is this China coverage a propaganda move by the US ,to gain support from people around the world in case the US decided to go to war with China?

There are many things going on in the world that are bad. China is a little over represented in the media.

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The history of the two situations is significantly different. Taiwan doesn’t pose a threat to China, and China hasn’t invaded and occupied Taiwan and displaced/killed Taiwan’s people. Taiwan is a relatively healthy functioning island nation, recognized as such by most of the world, and with various treaties in place. China isn’t surrounded and threatened by hostile nations, and wasn’t created recently as a land for a displaced people who had recently been the victim of genocide. China is also not backed by a larger world power. Etc. The situation in Israel/Palestine and the motivations, alliances and hostilities are more complex and have been actively violent for quite some time.

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There is a huge difference.

China’s territorial grabs and military expansion, especially into the Med, is no way sanctioned by no other government than their own, whereas the opening of Palestinian lands—rightfully or wrongfully—was sanctioned, first, by wealthy European Jewish families through the legal purchase of rich agrarian land along both sides of the Jordan River, then came Balfour Declaration of 1917 by Great Britain to open Jewish Euro and Soviet migration to those lands (of which GB had effective colonial control), then the sanctioning of the State of Israel in the UN resolution of 1948. Rightfully or wrongly, Israel had the backing of the all the major powers after WWII, eventually including the Soviets who were more than happy to allow the Jews in the Soviet Union and those of the East bloc to migrate.

China has none of that.

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