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Have you ever gone into the restroom for the wrong gender by accident?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2178points) October 23rd, 2016

I have, it was at a fast food restaurant. I was kinda wondering why there wasn’t any urinals too, then when I walked out I realized I had over looked it and gone into the women’s restroom by accident. Luckily no one came in while I was in there. I believe it’s only happened to me the one time.

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Yes. I think I might have been jetlagged and I think it was in an airport. The direction signs were awful and I wandered into the gents. A man politely pointed me in the other direction.

Another time I was in a cafe somewhere in Scandinavia, and the signs on the doors were unclear. I had no idea which was the men’s and which was the lady’s toilets. To make it worse, someone came out of one of the rooms and I still wasn’t sure! She was a rather masculine looking woman! I had to double check with my husband and in the end just took a chance.

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Sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose.

My favourite (it has happened a few times) is at a Baton Rouge restaurant downtown. I can make it into the women’s all right but I invariably go into the men’s instead of back out to the restaurant afterward. There’s something funny about the layout. One night, three of us went from the womens to the mens and two men in our group went from the mens to the womens.

Luckily, a lot of places here have gone non-gender with their washrooms so it’s no bigly.

Best were the porta-potties at the fair that had signs that said “we don’t care”.

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Almost just yesterday was having new lenses put in my glasses had to really go, asked the lady where the washrooms were she pointed across the mall,thought no big deal I will go while she puts in the new lenses I really had to squint at the sign on the door to make sure I got the right one.

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Sure, it’s an easy mistake to make.

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Once when I was about 8 or so at Disney. The response wasn’t anything dramatic, if any at all.

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Yes, many times, and thank goodness I didn’t have to worry about having broken a law by making such a silly and innocuous mistake.

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Once in awhile. The last time was around 10 years ago.

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No, not that I can remember but it sometimes takes me a minute or two to figure out which one is which.

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Just fairly recently, while on a routine check up dentist visit, badly signed & only became aware when I noticed how much nicer/cleaner it was.
No biggie, but it was a weird feeling, like “I don’t belong here!!”

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Yes. A few times in the US with no ill effects. I did it a few times in Japan where the signs were only in stylized Kanji.
Before I learned to read, I was told the symbol for man and woman looked like a man and woman. Well, not to me! In my mind the character for man looked like a woman with big hair, a thin waist and ample butt in a dress. The character for woman looked like a man with a pot belly and a short penis wearing pants.
Oops! Kanji was like a big Rorschach test for me.

I don’t recall ever meeting anyone in the wrong bathroom. I retreated quickly when it was obvious I had made a mistake.

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Yes, I have. I think everyone has at one time or another.

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Yes, once, in a Japanese restaurant where the two tiny restrooms were directly oppposite one other in a very dark corner hidden by a curtain.

When I exited the men’s room I mistook the ladies room door for the portal to the restaurant. Realizing my goof immediately, I got outta there so fast I didn’t notice if the woman who was in there spotted me. Embarrassing!

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Yep. Really embarrassing to walk out of the stall and see a man taking a leak.

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Yes! and they were all in a row and gave me a glance over their shoulders.

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Nope, but I did once intentionally, in the first grade. My friend who was a boy went in and I waited outside but then decided I needed to go as well and to use the stall next to him.

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