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How many are we?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 5th, 2008

how many flutherers are there? I can’t find it in the About section. It’s a simple enough stat to track, right?

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Actually, I don’t believe it as simple as that, only because people come and go. I know a few months ago there was a day that everyone got into making fluther wallpaper and one of the girls made one up that consisted of everyone avatar or photo… Perhaps it was robmandu, I’m not certain but he counted 792 that were very active. But what about the ones that aren’t? Hence, my saying it would be hard to track. But who am I to say ? I’ve only been active since Feb 2008. Only thing I do know, is that I didn’t answer your question… Oppsss….

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792 is a good starting point, thanx

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Quoted from JP 2 months ago “I think they said they have about 10K registered users. The number of active users would be much lower. Maybe in the hundreds?”

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Or see here
I know it was last year but you can get a rough idea

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Start counting: 1 here.

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The wallpaper that robmandu made didn’t have all the active flutherers in it. It couldn’t because there are just too many. Example, I wasn’t in it and I’m pretty active here. Someone asked this question not too long ago and if I remember correctly either Ben or Andrew gave an approximate number. It was a lot more than 792.

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There’s a flutherer here as well. That makes two. :)

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Yeah. Quite a blow to my ego. I must have scoured that picture 4 or 5 times. I can tell you I was just coming out of my blue funk and then this thread had to go and bring it up again.

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Less than 100 probably (I mean, frecuent users)

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My right and left brains do not communicate with each other, sometimes its my right, sometimes its my left. Does that mean that I count for two?

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Phoenyx made the wallpaper with all of the avatars in it!

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@bulb’s right… I just did a couple with Dr. J.

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I thought she did an AWESOME job at creating that. In fact, after rereading what I had written, I felt bad about calling her “girl” and decided to look for @Bulb’s question so I could give credit where credit was do. As well as clear up any incorrect info I may have written. But, I see the only info I accidently omitted or was hazy on was the the total being 850 including duplicates.

@Astrochuck, Don’t shoot, I was just the messenger.

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We are legion. You can’t find us all. Mwahaha.

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phoenyx = male.

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Oppsss!!!! And here I thought that there was nothing worse than sticking ones foot in ones mouth…. Well, guess again!! Try both, I just did. Thanx PnL !!!

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@sccrowell – don’t worry, been there done that. phoenyx is a forgiving person :)

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