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VMWare Fusion - Blocking USB Devices?

Asked by stevefish (2points) August 5th, 2008

In VMWare Fusion for Mac OS X, is there a way to keep specific USB devices from ever being mounted? I have a new iPhone and would prefer that VMWare never hijack that device… I want it to always mount in Mac OS X.

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I don’t think you can block certain usb devices while automatically connecting others.

You could change it to not automatically connect usb devices and then manually connect devices using the options in the virtual machine menu (or the usb icons at the bottom of the virtual machine’s window).

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That is good enough to keep me from pulling out any more hair.

Thanks for the response!

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I do believe there is a way to turn off certain USB ports from automatically connecting, while others do. So what you could to is just have one USB port that wouldn’t automatically connect in VMWare, and use that for your iPhone.
I’m not positive that this is possible, I’ll have a look into it.

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