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Is it possible to make a living as a freelance writer?

Asked by Keenejeanne (5points) November 10th, 2016

There are many who encourage those with writing talent to create a business providing content for websites, freelance articles, etc. Is this a realistic proposition?

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I think it is very, very hard to make a living at it. A supplemental income perhaps. Take a look at Writer’s Market for some advice and markets.

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Possible but not likely. I wouldn’t depend solely on it for a living.

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I have done this as a supplementary income. Not for long. it was hard work and took ages so the rate of pay came out at a very low hourly rate.

It might be worth a go though, if you have lots of spare time and want something you can do from home. You will need to make your writing practically error free, every time. Proof reading is an essential skill for this kind of work.

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Knew a teacher that during the summer break did articles for hobby magazine. He also did newspaper articles about history in the region. He said he made enough money for a short vacation each year.

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