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Do you think long term couples, friends, roommates, or partners can develop intuition that explains ESP?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) November 17th, 2016

A couple knows each other so well that they can intuit, mentally, what the other is thinking?

I connect with random people, daily, that I connect with better than relatives.

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Yes definitely. It’s all about connection.

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Matt and I will independently say the exact same things to our friends on separate occasions. Yes, I think if you spend enough time with someone your thoughts will start to sync. I think of those two famous conjoined twins – in videos they would say the same sentences together in sync. I don’t know if that has a physiological factor or if it’s just because they’ve spent literally every moment of their lives together.

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No, not ESP.

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He said that explains ESP. So, a logical phenomenon that explains why people believe in the supernatural.

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I don’t know what you meant by “that explains ESP”, but yes people tune into each other and can develop intuitions about each other. It’s very common.

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Once my boyfriend and I took LSD together and I swear we temporarily developed an ability to communicate telepathically.

Another time, when we were doing laundry at my apartment complex, he came back from the laundry room and said “guess what I just found in the laundry room.” Without hesitating, I said “a ten dollar bill.”

It was a ten dollar bill.


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^I had a girlfriend who did acid. One night we were at a friend’s house. My girlfriend said (oddly) ‘Trey is here,he swerved from something on the way in. ’


1 minute later Trey came through the door from a beer run. I asked him, how was your trip? He said, ‘Fine, but I almost hit a tree stump on the way into the yard.’

With all the music and stuff going on, there’s no way she knew that.

That ex did many drugs. She also knew when our friend died before anyone called us.

She also stabbed me with a broken beer bottle. (Crazy? )

But ,uh, yes. People can have an inexplicable connection with those around them.

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Humans are incredibly good at deciphering patterns. The longer you spend with someone the more information you have to determine the pattern.

That’s all it is.

@Anon – yes. Coincidence. And not even a shocking one. Ten dollar bills are commonly found in coin laundries.

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What’s with the esp crap, couples who spend tons of time together are always going to pick up on each other’s shit, same with any parent worthy of the name towards their kids.
You get each other, even down to copying mannerisms or laughs or whatever let alone predicting movements, thoughts & mood swings.

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Oh yeah right, someone is going to pick up subtle patterns that let them know that a $10 bill was found, or that their friend who isn’t there swerved driving on the way home. Must be subconscious pattern recognition.

Less miraculous is that I know Internet skeptics so well, I know that any mention of telepathy or non-material phenomena will be immediately be claimed to be 100% certainly coincidence, a trick of the mind, delusion, fraud, confirmation bias, superstition…

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Finding ten bucks in a laundromat happens, like, ALL the time.

Someone stops at an ATM on the way, comes in with a 20, takes it to the counter and breaks it into a $10 and ten dollars worth of quarters to do their laundry. They stick the other $10 in their pocket, and somewhere along the way it falls out.

Or someone just left some cash in their pocket and didn’t double-check the dryer before leaving.

So it’s absolutely a coincidence, and not even a terribly surprising one.

Now, if someone came home and said, “Guess what I found in the laundromat today?” and the guess was “B B King’s Gibson ES-355 guitar, Lucille?” and the dude was like “YES HOW DID YOU GUESS?!?” and then whipped it out and started playing “Rock Me, Baby”...

THEN you can talk to me about ESP.

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Yes, it was definitely a coincidence. I was being playful.

This is actually a good illustration of confirmation bias, when we single out an event that confirms preexisting beliefs while ignoring all the other events that contradict our beliefs. In this example, my being able to correctly guess what my boyfriend found in the laundry room “confirmed” the possibility of ESP. But what I didn’t mention were all the instances in which my boyfriend and I were unable to correctly guess what the other person had found/was holding/was thinking/etc.

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