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What would you pay for this (picture in details)?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42290points) November 20th, 2016

RV. I don’t have pics of the inside at the moment, but trust me when I say it’s clean. Really nice.

It has all new tires, which was about $2,000. Rick has put two new coats of rubber roofing on the top.

What I’m really looking for are knee-jerk reactions as to what it would be worth to you. But feel free to Google.

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From the headline I thought we were getting an opportunity to buy the picture in the details.

I expected a Picasso or at least a nice Bob Ross landscape.

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On how many KM it has travelled in its lifetime, its service history, accident history, hidden rust, obfuscated shoddy repair work.
What I am saying is, I would need to bring it to the TÜV, and have the thing inspected thoroughly.

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What year is it? How many miles? Was it smoked in? Would have to see/smell the inside. If it smells like smoke or pet odors, I would not buy it.

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I wouldn’t have a clue. Worse, I wouldn’t know how to go about determining who might have a clue.

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It’s a 95. Has about 75K miles. @stanleybmanly yes we smoke in it and yes we take the dogs with us when we go camping. But forget all of that. This is just a theoretical question, so just pretend that it isn’t an issue. What would you expect it to see it sell for? Just looking for knee jerk reactions.

I will tell you that it sold new, for about $80,000.

You just have to take my word for it that there is no hidden rust, and no shoddy work. The inside is close to immaculate.

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Sorry…that was meant for @chyna.

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Then my guess is forty grand. I’m surprised it only cost 80 new even in 95.

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Ow my ears! Stop shouting.
I think it is probably a good price.

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Why did you sell it? Going to buy new one..)

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Honestly I would offer $12,000 and cap out at $15,000.

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Not for nothing, Val, love you but the smoking inside would be a deal breaker for me. So, $0.

Can’t buy an RV my husband can’t breathe in.

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I understand, @seek and Cazzie. Fortunately who ever buys it won’t have a problem with the smoking and the pets.

@imrainmaker This is why! I’m so excited!!

Thanks for the answers guys.

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Wow..that’s cool .) Congrats!!

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I AM excited!!

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I would never buy that thing, it’s gross.

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I too would be terrified at the thought of owning such a thing, but I’m a city dweller in a place where every square inch of curb parking space is fought over like the beach on Okinawa.

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I have no idea what a used RV should cost. I know a new, nice one can be a TON of money. For this one @Dutchess_III is talking about, I agree if someone smoked, I wouldn’t want it.

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Y’all can keep taking the smoking and shit out of the equation. It won’t be a problem for whomever buys it.

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Ha! The bank just booked our new camper out at $15,000! I knew it was a good deal!

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@Dutchess_III: The question was “what would you pay” and so I answered it based upon that.

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Do you already have a buyer that smokes?

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Haven’t put it up on the market yet. If someone is concerned about it, and they ask, I will tell them yes, we smoked and we have pets and they walk away, and good luck to them. There will always be someone else.

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@jca , @chyna you two are completely missing the point. Let’s say there has never been any one who smoked, and no dogs in the camper. This takes some imagination, I know. But assume those things, and what do you think, in your mind, the dollar value of the RV is.
I don’t have pictures of the inside at the moment, but again, using your imagination, imagine that it is very nice. Nice couch, nice captain’s chairs, nice queen bed, fridge, freezer, sink. Clean. Really clean.

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The point I was making in pointing out that I would refuse the option to buy is that because certain features of the camper mean the potential pool of buyers is smaller. You have not only the people who can’t have an RV that has been smoked in, but the people who simply won’t buy one that has been smoked in.

I live in Florida, and RVs are a dime a dozen here

(not quite, but since the OMG RV SUPERSTORE is about 20 minutes away, used ones go for next to nothing. On a good Craigslist day you can get one for less than a grand. Not in that good a condition, but the handyman special is there.)

I have absolutely no idea what an RV like yours would cost in its current condition under your current market forces. I don’t know what the demand for RVs is in your area, or how far the average customer is willing to travel to buy one.

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Fair enough, @Seek.

I’ve sold lots of cars and I have never, not once, had anyone ask about smoking or pets!

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