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I need to brush up on my german in the next couple weeks...any ideas?

Asked by Perchik (4982points) July 22nd, 2007

Preferably for free

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rent, download, or borrow (friends, library) movies in german - watch with english subtitles (depending on your level) - this was very helpful for me

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Ironically that's why I need to brush up on my german... I'm taking a german film class lol

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Instant Immersion German

We bought this for the flight over last summer. Worked for my wife, not so much for me.

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rosetta stone!!!

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Pimsleur is an audio-only method--taught through conversations.

glosski's avatar is hundreds of tv stations in all languages for free

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I second Rosetta Stone, though watching free TV might be a better option.

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Well if rosetta stone is the way to go even if it costs 200$ or so that's what I'll do.......I can **find** a free copy....cough.

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I’m also teaching myself Deutsch (German for German). I do most of my learning here on mango languages for free, you just need to register. It’s mostly memorising and visual learning. For some just lil’ cash buying some Audio CD’s or buying some dictionaries and phrasebooks are beneficial also.

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