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Do you care too much or do you care too little?

Asked by LornaLove (10037points) November 25th, 2016

I’m going through a stage where I probably care too much, that means about people, events and just ‘things’. I put it down to being hormonal.

However, caring too much can impact anyone. For example, taking on all the emotional issues of a friend, feeling their feelings, their hurts, both past, and present. This can of course filter down to a significant other or partner.

The correct way to handle life in general, would be to care in a detached way, correct? Do you find that hard? Or, do you find that easy? If you find this easy, care to share how you do it?

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Since the election, I fluctuate between not giving a shit about anything at all and being pissed off the rest of the time.

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Only a few things I care too much about but those are issues usually in regards of others, most other things i might care too little but only because it is not really for me to be concerned about.

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I used to care a lot. Over the years I care less about people. about the environment, and animals etc. But I essentially hate people now. It’s much better to ignore them when possible. I try and shut them out whenever I can.

I used to think I was starting to hate the world. Then I realized that everything I hate is because of people.

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Both. I do care a lot about people I know. My family, my friends and my students. However, I’m lucky that I can compartmentalize well too. So if you were hurting, I’d want to help you, but I’m pretty good at recognizing when I’ve reached my limit or that you or I are stepping across boundaries. I can help and then I can usually put the worry and concern to one side and continue to do whatever else I need to do.

I do find I get quite emotional when I see people in pain or even just recognize someone will be in pain. I cry when I hear ambulances! Which is so insane. My husband thinks I’m a nut, but he also knows it’s just part of who I am. I cry because I know someone is hurt and their families are going to suffer pain too. As my husband says, “they’re in an ambulance! They’re getting help.” It hasn’t stopped me welling up when I hear that siren.

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I care too little, actually it is not too little it is just enough not caring to not be neurotic.
I’m with @Espiritus_Corvus and @MrGrimm888. What I hate the most is feeling like I have to pretend to care. haha
I genuinely care for my pets and my daughter and my best friend and a few fluther friends but that’s about it. Your not going to get any blood on your shoes from my non-bleeding heart. lol

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I care about my family and friends and their general well being. Not too little and not too much but just the way it should be.Caring too much will exhaust you and caring nothing will create feeling of guilt if you’re sensible person.

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Honest answer? I try very hard to care too little. I tend to get hurt if I care too much and I don’t like to hurt.

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You have to find a balance between caring for yourself and caring for others. “If you don’t care for yourself who will? If you only care for yourself what are you?” I have the balance about right as far as I am concerned. At any rate I am comfortable with it.

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As someone who is mostly described as easy going, stoic, or insensitive, I could say that I care very little, which some may see as too little. This doesn’t mean I don’t care at all.

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@Earthbound_Misfit That’s the key I think. To care and protect one’s boundaries. I really smiled when you said you cry when ambulances go by. I cry at some adverts and thing I see on T.V.

Perhaps we cry because we are projecting a little? Like fearing that very situation for ourselves.

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