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Have you faced approach anxiety?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) November 26th, 2016

Have you ever faced anxiety while approaching people or vice versa? If so how did you overcome it?

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Other than a boss at work or someone I had a crush on when I was very young, no. I am an extrovert and super comfortable in just walking up and starting conversations with anyone.
I am the queen of starting conversations while waiting in lines and can easily approach anyone without anxiety. Just relax and let it flow, remember you are more concerned with you than anyone else is. haha

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When I was younger, it did bother me but I think the first time I remember overcoming it was the first time I met someone famous and realized they were a douche. Then it became apparent to me that it didn’t matter who it was. People shouldn’t be idolized because we are all flawed. I may not be on the level of intelligence of, (lets say) Steven Hawkings, or as empathetic as Mother Theresa, but I don’t have to be. I just have to be me. Everyone has flaws. Some are visible right away, and some take time to uncover.

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^^ true that..)

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@coloma – Did you talk to your boss eventually? It was more due to the position I guess..)

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@imrainmaker Yes, I finally spoke up when I quit! lol

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^^ I thought so..

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Well, I frequently have to approach belligerent, drunk people. Part of the job. (Security/ bouncer)

Last night I had to nullify a gentleman trying to pull a knife on me.

I can tell you, that regardless of how many times I’ve been in these situations, I still feel nervous, and afraid. But confident I can handle most scenarios.

I guess I’m saying, I think it’s human/normal to be reluctant around strangers. If you’re a person that doesn’t trust people.
And most people aren’t trustworthy.

I have to approach certain groups of strangers that are fighting ,and break it up, talk it out, or throw all involved out.

It’s all about self confidence.

@imrainmaker . You seem intelligent, and affable.

Be confident in yourself. Be yourself.

I’m not sure where you live. But in the American South, you can pretty much talk to anyone. It’s almost considered impolite not to acknowledge another person.

I believe you will be able to tolerate some awkward encounters , and then get traction.

Like most things in life, practice is required.

The more you socialize, the more comfortable you will become.

REMEMBER. Most people you meet are just as nervous as you, they’re just better at hiding it.

Peace n love.

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@Coloma I envy your ease with people. I hate approaching people in public and being approached by people in public. Yesterday I was pumping gas when someone asked me about my out-of-state license plates and told me they were from the same area. It was a friendly encounter that lasted thirty seconds, but afterward it left me second guessing everything I’d said, deciding that what I’d said was stupid and cringe-y, and feeling like crap long after it was over. In fact, those negative feelings are returning to me right now because I’m thinking about it.

If you ever see me in public please don’t try to talk to me. :(

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@AnonymousAccount8 Haha,,, you poor thing. You are waaay to self conscious, I’m sure you were not cringe-y.

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