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Should I friend Bong Twitchell on Facebook?

Asked by janbb (53112points) December 27th, 2016 from iPhone

Seriously, what’s with the whores as friend suggestions on FB. Happy to entertain humorous ideas….

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No…I would not….nor would I accept Richard Titball’s friend request

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They’re amusing until they start asking for donations for the amusement they provide.

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I can provide my own amusement.

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They are everywhere. Even in the ME, where they risk being stoned to death.
The proverbial “Oldest Profession”
Wouldn’t exist without a market.
Guys will pay for it, especially if they are lonely or scared.
And yet, people still imagine men and women are “the same”.

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They could be people (or data miners) who want to see whatever info they can clean on or about your posts, info, contacts, and/or your contacts’ posts, info and/or contacts.

Oh, and you might also consider what impact it might have if other people see that you’ve friended someone with that name.

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Interesting. I keep getting men that I don’t know. I would never friend someone I didn’t know.

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No of course I won’t. But the real question is why are these bookers showing up as people I might know. How do they get there?

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