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What are some good phone apps to help avoid bad neighborhoods?

Asked by fofum (17points) January 10th, 2017

I need a crowdsourcing/community based navigation/gps phone application similar to Waze, only I need it to help me avoid bad neighborhoods. I read Waze is working on this type of feature, only they starting to roll it out in Brazil.

Do any of you know any other phone apps that help avoid bad neighborhoods based on a Waze concept?

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What’s a bad neighborhood?

Your definition and mine (and the maker of the app’s idea) may be totally different.

Are bad neighborhoods ones where whites live? Blacks? Hispanics? Chinese?

Are the socioeconomically depressed neighborhoods? Or are they neighborhoods where unfriendly rich people live?

I think you are asking for an app rationalizes your racist stereotypes.

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Unless you’re a door to door jewelry salesman, I can’t see how such an app could possibly be relevant to transportation in a functioning vehicle with locking doors.

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I mean, I drive through “bad neighborhoods” all the time. So do most people in my area. You’re much more likely to be rear ended by a Beemer than you are to be carjacked or whatever.

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Perhaps the O/P wants to avoid neighborhoods that have a shooting or a murder at least once a day.

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@chyna – then he should say that – it goes back to my initial question – what is a bad neighborhood?

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My latest definition of a “bad” neighborhood is one with lousy HOA rules that make living there stressful and expensive. Our last one had a rule that you couldn’t park on the street overnight. We had a very steep driveway, and it wasn’t safe to park it there. They enforced their rules too. Another bad neighborhood had nothing to do with crime, but bad neighbors instead. Depending on your criteria, “bad neighborhoods” could mean several things.

If you’re concerned about crime, many cities have a crime map that shows where crimes were committed. Here is one for Phoenix. Notice that violent crimes are separated from property crimes. https://www.phoenix.gov/policesite/Pages/Current-Crime-Maps-and-Statistics.aspx

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A bad neighborhood is one that is statistically crime ridden. For example, during the Olympics in Brazil, a couple was using the app Waze to guide them where they needed to go. What happened was Waze guided them through a small road in one of the Rio de Janeiro’s most notorious favelas (slum areas). Someone sprayed like 20 bullets into the car, killing them. The area is infested with drug gangs. It is basically like being directed through the criminally infested parts of Chicago to get to a safe destination.

This is why Waze began adding the feature that avoids criminally infested areas using statistical available crime data of the neighborhood and the usual crowdsourcing / live community based feedback to help people navigate using safe routes. The only problem is that they started In Brazil.

I have android, so I searched google play store and I couldn’t find any other app for this. I need it for walking and driving.

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Snowberry, yes, I have a map like that of my city NYC Crime MAP. What Waze’s new feature does is aside from pulling info from the users personal feedback of crime areas, it would pull the data from a crime map like this, or other detailed information on crime data of the neighborhood and inform me of this as I’m walking or driving. Exactly what Waze does for standard driving – car crashes, road closings, delays, with the added feature of helping you avoid crime ridden neighborhoods with the live navigation.

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@fofum That makes sense but you may have to wait for WAZE to do it.

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@elbanditoroso. He’s a newbie. He probably didn’t know how to state his question to your exact specifications. His question was clear to me.

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