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Where can I get apps that work with a my touch phone?

Asked by bunnygirl50665 (80points) October 9th, 2009

I’d like some apps for when I get a my touch or G1 cell phone. I have heard about the android market, but are there any other place to get apps for it? Also, do you think that iphone apps would work on my my touch? I don’t think so, but you never know, i suppose.

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iPhone apps written for the iPhone OS will not work on the Android OS, but google to see if their are versions of things you like that have been ported over.

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There are lots of apps available on the internet that aren’t avialble on Android Market.

It’s really a question of googling for what you want.

I find that there are usually more than three apps on market for my needs, and that they are all better-or-less well-suited to my needs.

I’d suggest finding a dedicated Android community that you like – there are loads, each with a different atmosphere.

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Well since the SDK is free for android anybody can get it. My friends dad got it and used it to make a simple game for when hes in a line up. A quick goggle search should turn up a whole bunch of results. You can find some pretty neat stuff.

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whenever i search “My touch apps” on google, iphone touch apps pop up. Any search suggestions?

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Yes. Use Google’s “exclude” function to exclude results from pages with “ipod” in them.

E.g. compare [my touch apps -ipod] with [my touch apps].

You can also use the exclude function to cut out words like “apple” and “fanboi”, which should remove iPhone/iPod products completely.

You can also use the “include” operator on Google to make sure that it only returns pages with “android” on them.

For example: [’‘android’’ apps -iphone -ipod -apple ’‘my Touch’’].

For more information, see the Google Cheat Sheet.

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You may want to try this dedicated Android apps search engine:
Android Apps on AppsVu

Most, if not all, apps on there should work on the myTouch. You could start off with the suggested searches on the homepage and tweak from there! I’ve found some good hidden gems from there, that aren’t covered by the usual blogs and Engadget and so forth. I’ve owned various Android smartphones, including the myTouch 3G.

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