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What compliment has touched your heart recently?

Asked by janbb (57217points) January 13th, 2017

A Jelly just pm’d me about something and ended with. “You brighten things by being.” I can’t think of a recent compliment that has pleased me more.

What nice thing has been said to you of late?

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I was just told this morning by someone that I am “awesomely flexible” when they asked if I could work for a few hours tomorrow on short notice. My best friend gave me a beautiful metal peacock Ornament at Christmas that says ” Refuse to be ordinary” and a birthday card with a picture of an Otter in wacky red sunglasses that says ” To someone who is not like all the Otters.” haha

It’s always nice to be seen and appreciated for our own special blend of uniqueness.

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@Coloma Our “unique uniqueness, as it were? I agree.

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Cruiser asked yesterday if we would all like to have a Gail recall day. I went off searching for some of my favorite quotes from her, but couldn’t find the best ones. So, I went to my PMs. On April 10th, 2014, she complimented my writing. She said I wasn’t yet ready for the New Yorker, but she enjoyed it and encouraged me to continue posting these ridiculously long stories. It made my day. It really did. Coming from her, that is one helluva a compliment.

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I do not get compliments. Ever.

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@ragingloli You are a wonderfully honest person!

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This, which was written to me two nights ago by a close friend after our weekly men’s group meeting:

You have modeled for me a genuine, brave and healthy romantic relationship path for men in our place in life. For that, your gargantuan wit and deep soul, you have a cherished place in my heart.

Isn’t that an amazing tribute?

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@Pachy A lovely compliment to a big hearted elephant!

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From someone I just met: “Of all the people I have met, you are the most recent”. ;-)

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Now that I think about it, I don’t get a lot of compliments except from a guy that works at a food place I frequent, and those compliments are always about my looks, and those don’t mean a lot to me. Eh. Whatever.

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In a small business meeting a few months ago, another mental healthcare worker said to me, “You are very wise.” I was dumbstruck.

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@ragingloli And so gentle and tender! And your tentacles are sooo sexy!

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@loli You stop it.

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You know what is also tender?
Penguin meat.

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^^golf applause

Stay away from turtles.

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@ragingloli Ooh – you’re making my heart flutter!

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@tinyfaery I appreciate that you’re scrappy, smart and honest.

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@ragingloli you are the lurking shadow which enables everyone to better enjoy daylight.

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I’ve always struggled with low self-esteem/low confidence. People tell me I’m handsome and nice and smart, but there will always be a part of me that puts myself down way too much.

About two years ago I got really drunk with my roommate and spilled all my fears about how I feel about myself. The way he said it made a lightbulb turn on in my head and I really appreciate him for telling me the things he did. It’s one of those things where people tell you something 100 times, but one person says it the right way that makes you kinda realize how lucky you are. He gave me a great confidence boost and I always think of his words whenever I’m beating myself up.

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^Good to see you back @Blackberry!

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Oh I like this thread very much! There is warmth here.
We needed this.

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When I was a much younger adult a girl told me she liked to think of me as her big sister. I still cherish that sentiment.

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The quality assurance engineer on my team called me a “machine” the other day. I fix bugs fast. That’s the best I’ve got for the Q right now.

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Just last Sunday morning my preacher was surrounded
by several church members and when I walked in he
said “Every time you walk into church everyone has a
big smile for you” Yes..I was a little embarrassed but was
thinking…..“is my blouse not buttoned or what?”

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@MooCows Haha, funny.

Well..I am house/dog sitting tonight and if dog compliments count I am the cats meow. :-)

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From @cookieman-
“And good thoughts from a good person such as yourself can only be positive energy whether you’re religious or not.”

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No bigger compliment can be paid than that when the wife & kids tell me they love me, walking on air.

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