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Is the lack of spellcheck on Fluther deliberate?

Asked by augustlan (47745points) August 7th, 2008

Did our founding fathers leave it out on purpose, as a way to seperate the wheat from the chaff? “Check your work” and ”crafting a response” seem like clues that words are important here. Or was there some boring technical reason for the omission?

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Most browsers have built in spellcheckers. At least Firefox and Safari do, so no need for a built in one.

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It’s a lot of work for something that modern browsers like Firefox, Camino and Safari support.

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As does the iPhone. It just takes some getting used to.

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Safari has spellcheck; so it is easy to *separate the wheat from the chaff.

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@Randy; it certainly does :-)

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Haha, I had to edit twice. Jeeze louise…

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The problem is that some people completely disregard spell checkers, even when they’re right in front of them. And there is still no such thing a punctuation checker.

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Oops; Enzo. Read twice, send once.

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@Gail…I knew I’d get something wrong! I think we should declare you our official spellchecker :)

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@Aug: Thanks but no thanks. I already have a full-time life. Another 3-day brush fire to extinguish re my old mother; and Milo, bless him, had the runs this AM. At least he was thoughtful to choose the garage floor.

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Clearly I am not using a modern browser…must get a desk sized dictionary. The one I own is Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, and it weighs about 10 pounds. It’s my favorite book, but I only pull it out on special occasions such as proving a word I’m using is too a real word!

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@gail: I hope Milo and your mother both improve :)

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Aug: Milo will once I stop letting him lick my almost empty ice cream bowl, and my poor mother, at 93+, with no short-term memory, has nowhere to go but down, sadly.

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Aug: I, too, have the Webster’s Giant size. I keep a Collegiate Dictionary at hand and also use some net sites and a MacOS Dashboard Dictionary/Thesaurus widget.

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Gail: The first night I was ever in my husband’s house while we were dating, I fell in love with him. In telling my best friend all about the evening, my biggest compliment was, “He has a big dictionary, too! Not as big as mine, but still!” I’m sorry to hear about your mother. My great grandmother went through the mental decline as well, and I know it’s very difficult for the rest of the family.

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Aug: That’s a nice story about your husband. Does he know?

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Also some people intentionally mispeL wordZ just to annoy the grammar nazis

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Gail: He does. I was first attracted to him when I heard him tell our office dog that he smelled like carrion, then, for the benefit of other people in the office, said to the dog, “That’s dead shit to you.” A man who speaks like an aristocrat, and swears like a sailor…very interesting.

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@miz: That’s not nice :(

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Spelling, grammar and usage are three different things and exist primarily to provide clarity. (And I re-repeat, I never get annoyed, personally.)

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I’m interested in hearing from Ben or Andrew on this question, or someone who really knows why it’s not in use on the site itself…any takers?

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I can personally vouch for gail’s good will in the area of patience and spelling!

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Having built a spell checker into another product, it’s a non-trivial amount of time.

Since many browsers have it built in (including the ones we use), we’ve chosen to focus on other aspects of the site.

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Thanks for the answer, Andrew :)

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For me, when I get excited about a topic, I type faster and have more misspellings. I laugh at the ppl on here who are so quick to point out others spelling errors. I could care less, as long as I get the message. I’ve never been a perfectionist.

I came to this site to discuss things, not to have ppl point out my mispppelled words. lol

I love to drive ppl crazy :)

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