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How do I spell these sound effects?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) March 22nd, 2009

I use a lot of sound effects in my daily communication. And since I like my fluthering to sound the same as my everyday conversation, I try to include words that substitute as my sound effects. But, I am not sure that the appropriate sound is coming across. Soo…

Wow: is this wow like “cow”, or wow that rhymes with Homer Simpson’s “doh”? Like “wow(h) Nellie”. If it is one or the other, how would I spell the other sound?

How do I write the noise that a raspberry (sticking one’s tongue out and blowing) makes?

Is ugh a disgusted sound, like for use when something is irritating or annoying? Or is it disgusted like “that mess is gross”? Would a gross smell sound effect be more like “yuck” or “blech”?

I just want to make sure ya’ll know what I am trying to communicate.

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Whoa Nellie!

Ppppbbtttt :P (maybe throw an “L” in there too.

I like blech or ewww

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Blech, Blargh, Agh, Erk, Ugh can be used both ways. I associate ‘blech’ with gagging, wheeas ‘yuck’ is just a response.

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Wow is like “cow.” Whoa is like “doh.” And a raspberry is something like “thhhppppptttt” or “pphhphphffft” or “thffffffffffffrpt” or even :-P

Ugh can be used in either sense you cite, while yuck and blech refer more to something being gross.

You might check out The Unh Project for more examples of written sound effects.

And then there are the ones from Mad Magazine:

“MAD Magazine artist Don Martin was a master of wild onomatopoeia, including such sounds as “SPLOYDOING!” (something springing out jack-in-the-box style), “SWAKLAKKO!” (leaning too far back in a wheeled desk chair on a tiled floor, and a personal favorite, “SKWEEBEEDEEBEEDAP!” (five cockroaches squashed under a board).” ( )

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Yes to what Darwin said..
“Wow is like “cow.” Whoa is like “doh.” ”

I use “ugh” when frustrated, or annoyed. If I’m disgusted by something, I usually say “eww” or “gross”.

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how do spell the sound of blowing up a balloon

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how would you spell the sound coming from our mouths, when we are very very sexy interested in something. My teeth amlost touching, lips drawn together almost as a kiss, i suck the air in and the uuuwwsshhshing sound is made! like a low deep moan.

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