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Do you own and operate an online business?

Asked by marcobacin (107points) August 8th, 2008

What type of business? What has been your most successful marketing tactic?

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Good Morning <:O)
Yes, I own and operate a pet portrait business. The most successful marketing tactic I used was having a free ’ new business announcement’ in all the local papers. That ‘launched the business’. Having a website, of course, so people can see my work <:O) Doing two large art/craft shows a year in the ‘resort’ area generates lots of business. Otherwise, I seldom meet my clients, though, because everything is done over the internet…they proof the work in progress and I ship the finished product.
Other than that, the usual leaving business cards at vets offices and pet/grooming business…anywhere where pet lovers hang out.

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Yes, I ama atner in in online travel Web site for baby boomers called BoomVoyage. Our most successful techniques have been press releases, and having contacts with email lists write about our site. We are also starting a blog.

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In addition to my freelance illustration & design business, I sell original art prints and T-shirts online at Etsy. I used to run my own shopping cart at my blog, but Etsy is so much easier and cheaper.

I don’t think “success” has found me yet. :)

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@Marina: how did you find contacts with email lists to write about your site? This sounds like an effective tactic to me…

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@Dave: do you have a portfolio for your illustration and design business? Never hurts to know a good designer.. :)

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Niche Retail

Look for forums based around the topic, and see what their rates are for placing a banner on their site (usually in rotation with other sites). When ‘newbies’ start asking how to do this or that, where to get this and that, its usually the sites policy to recommend only sponsors, and remove any posts from spammers.

I pay $175 a month to one site and it generates enough business to keep me afloat.

Magazines are similar, usually more expensive, but with the added benefit of being around longer. Think of how long some mags sit on coffee tables. After a month on a website, if you dont ante up again, the ad disappears.

Just target your market, and your ads will be more cost effective

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I run a golf products review blog called Golf Views and doing video product reviews has been extremely helpful in generating tons of traffic. I’m going to start offering direct sponsored ads this month on my blog. I’m also featured on the testimonial section of web site, which also brings in lots of traffic. Networking is also another tried and true method of marketing I use.

Good Luck

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Yes. Art supplies. Best marketing tactic: honest partnerships.

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