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Have you ever traveled over the equator, International Date Line, Greenwich Meridian, Arctic circle, or the Antarctic circle?

Asked by Brian1946 (27213points) March 2nd, 2017

If so, what were your departure and arrival places?

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Nope nope nope nope. Went to Mexico once, when I was a kid.

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I traveled over the equator when I was with the US Navy and with my wife when we traveled from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru.

I flew over the GM going from London, UK to Frankfurt, Germany.

I think cazzie has gone over the IDL, GM, equator, and the Arctic circle.

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I crossed the equator going to and from Nadi, Fiji, from Seattle. I crossed the International Date Line going to and from Japan and China, also from Seattle. I’ve crossed the Greenwich Meridien a few times going to European countries from Seatle and New York.

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I would have crossed the IDL when I traveled from Los Angeles to Katmandu, Nepal, but for some reason the Sierra Club said it would be cheaper to travel eastward instead.

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Greenwich (US to/from various places in Europe, UK to Europe, UK to UK, France to France)

Equator (US to/from Mexico)

Arctic Circle (US to/from Europe)

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Greenwich – - Yes
International Date Line – - Yes
Arctic Circle – - Yes

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What was your destination when you crossed the Arctic Circle?

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The closest I came was on my honeymoon in Roatan Honduras where we flew from Chicago into San Pedro Sulo which was a 1,000 miles from the equator. Also crossed the Greenwich Meridian when I went to Germany. Left Chicago and landed in Frankfurt. Was wondering what that tingly feeling was as we flew over the English Channel now I know.

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Yes, flown from California to Japan (across the date line) and then to Indonesia (below the equator). Also flew LA to Sydney which crossed both on the same flight.

And trips to Europe from the US take you across the Zero longitude.

Have not made it to either of the circles. Farthest north I have been on the ground was Copenhagen Denmark.

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I’ve crossed the equator on a number of occasions on my trips from the UK to Australia and from Australia to the US and back again. Similarly, I’ve travelled over the GM on many occasions in various parts of the South of England. And I’ve been in the Arctic Circle. I’ve been up as far as Alta in Norway. I’ve been close to the Antarctic circle. According to this Tasmania is one of the closest well-populated places to the Arctic circle other than research stations, and I’ve been there. I’ve also been to Dunedin in the South Island of New Zealand, so that would also be fairly close. I’m currently in Christchurch which is apparently the gateway to Antarctica (and very shaky. I experienced a 5.3 magnitude earthquake yesterday). I’ve also stood on the 40th Parallel on Flinders Island. Apparently you’ll live longer if you breathe air there. It’s so clean.

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@Brian1946 Going to Narita Japan from JFK airport.

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@Brian1946 is right. Several times over the IDL and equator (travelling back to the States from New Zealand over the 15 years I lived there) , and I think three or 4 times into the Arctic Circle and several times over the GM travelling from Norway back to the US over the 14 years I’ve lived here in Norway.

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If we had flown the direct route to New Delhi from LA instead of eastward, the zenith of my flight would have been about as far north as Svalbard, or about 78º latitude.


Do you live north of the Arctic Circle?

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I crossed the Greenwich Meridian half a dozen times on foot when I last visited Greenwich. The others are on the bucket list for now.

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I think I crossed the tropic of Cancer whilst going on my honeymoon and returning. That’s about it. I’ve only left my own time zone once, for 11 hours.

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Greenwich Meridian plenty of times – I couldn’t begin to count. Like @flutherother I have visited Greenwich in London to the visitor centre at the meridian. It’s good fun.

Not done any of the others. Furthest south I’ve been is Tunisia and furthest west is San Diego. Furthest east is Munich and furthest north is John O’Groats. I’m not very well travelled.

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@Seek @Stinley

At least your traveling was voluntary.

I crossed the equator and the GM against my will.

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All but the Antartic Circle.

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I can think of only one jelly who’s crossed the southern circle, and that’s because she actually went to Antarctica.

Where did you go when you crossed the Arctic Circle? As I recall, you lived in Sweden for awhile.

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I crossed the equator and the GM when I was involuntarily serving in the US Navy.

I actually enlisted, but that was to avoid being drafted and then most likely being forced into combat during the Vietnam war.

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@Brian1946 I crossed the Arctic circle numerous times between 1982 and 1992, to visit a friend in Tromsø, Norway where she showed me the WWII German fortifications she used to play in when she was a kid, on a reindeer culling in the Finnish part of Lapland and a couple of trips up to Kiruna, Sweden.

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Wow, that’s about 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

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@Brian1946 I live just south of the Arctic Circle. The farthest north I’ve been was to 70N. a place called, Tana Bru. We would shop there when we went up to the cabin on the Tana River. I’ve been to Trømso as well visiting my ex’s cousins. Super awesome people.

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I’ve only seen images of Trømso, and the environs appear to be Asgardian in in their magnificence.

The farthest north I’ve been is Fairbanks, Alaska, and it was about as magnificent as Van Nuys, CA.

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Coolest story from being at the cabin up there: I was in the long-drop and I heard this rumbling and the ground started shaking. I realised it was the reindeer herd going though the camp. I just sat there, terrified.

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I’ve twice felt the same fear from a single deer.

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I never made it to Tromso, but it is definitely somewhere I need to go next time I’m in that neck of the woods. @Brian1946 and I are going to rendezvous there, you can join us if you like @Espiritus_Corvus.

I forgot to mention we did go for a drive right up to Havoysund. We drove there from Alta and decided to go Havoysund rather than North Cape because people said North Cape was a bit of a tourist trap. When we got up there, it was quite foggy. We had to drive through a forest of wind turbines and we couldn’t see them until we were on top of them. Freaked me out a bit! Once we got to the end of the earth, we stopped at a cafe called Arctic View. Sadly, this was the view from the cafe window. It was a beautiful drive up there though and we didn’t regret it for a second.

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I went to Ireland three times and I was told the plane flew over the Arctic Circle (from NY), intead of going across the Atlantic. This was before the days of having the GPS on the seatbak where you could actually view the plane en route so I am just going by what I was told by personnel.

Other than that, not yet down south far enough to cross the Equator.

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