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Is it illegal to eat my own hand?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17708points) March 2nd, 2017

My body my choice? Right? Should it be allowed?

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Well, you’d be committed.

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Can’t say. But the Good Humor boys might want to talk to you.

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Lol this may be the best question you’ve ever asked. I have no idea, but it does have a lot of interesting moral questions wrapped up in it.

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I have no idea. But why would you want to bite off the hand that feeds you?

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Well, if you were literally starving….but I’ve never heard of that. I mean, I’ve heard of cannibalizing others who have already died, but not yourself.

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Raw? With utensils or just chomping away?

You can eat your own skin from your hand.

The flesh too, but you’ll need to consider any medical needs this creates, and the ridiculous costs of health care assuming you’re in the USA.

If you’re just talking about the eating, and not the amputation, then I think that as long as your hand is off and you’ve got the flesh and aren’t in the custody of a hospital (maybe you were just lying by some train tracks and lost it but they kept it on ice for you till you recovered), then I don’t expect there is any law against making a rare dish of it.

As for wanting to have someone remove major body parts, there are people who do want that, and documentaries I have seen about them and their run-ins with the medical and psychiatric establishment. Turns out it’s a bit tricky to find doctors who want to oblige such requests, and there are those would would want to diagnose them as having “body dismorphic disorder” (the feeling that you’d like not to have some body parts) and try to stop you and treat you instead. I imagine it’s a red flag for health insurance providers. But I don’t think it’s illegal per se, unless someone deems you might kill yourself, as in many jurisdictions suicide is criminalized.

Here’s a wiki-page on self-cannibalism which implies it is only illegal if you force someone else to do it,, as has been done, though apparently in the name of governments, as a part of war and conquest and such “noble” causes.

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Not if it’s accidental.

Another way to avoid any legal repercussions is to put a slice of bread on top of your hand and one underneath your hand. Then if you’re caught in the act, you can claim you misheard the term “ham sandwich”. ;-)

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I guess it would give new meaning to biting the hand that feeds you.

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Well it is a kind of extreme form of biting one’s nails.

In countries with Muslim toilets you would pose an interesting dilemma…eat the hand that cleans your butt (your left) or eat your right hand and become an outcast in society.

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Yes, it is fine with me. However, start with the balls, they are much more tender.

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What? No mustard??

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I think suicide is illegal. So,if you bled to death,yes.

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If you’ve ever bitten your own nails, or the skin around it, you’ve eaten your own hand, in a way.
I don’t see why is it illegal to eat your own hand, but it may make people think you need mental help or something.

@MrGrimm888 How is suicide illegal?

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Like a tee shirt, there’s no arm in it…

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“HOW?” Is suicide illegal? You can’t even do it in jail . I’m not a lawyer. I don’t know Canadian laws. But in the US, you can’t kill yourself legally. I’ve tried….

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That is not what “finger food” means.

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Did you help prepare the food? No, but I had a hand in it.

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I love this question. I really do.

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I can see where attempted suicide might result in involuntary confinement in a treatment facility or jail, but I’ve never heard of anyone arresting and prosecuting a corpse.

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It could happen to someone with tiny hands, an uncontrollable mouth, and a fascist hairpiece controlling his mind and totally suppressing what little tendency he had to think before speaking.

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@RedDeerGuy1 ,the thing I am curious about, is why hands? If you are going to eat yourself (tee hee) why hands? Isn’t there any parts which are better? I mean, suppose you slice away some gut fat. That could fry up crispy, tasty, and carmelise some onions with that….
just sayin’.

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That could give new meaning to Canadian bacon.

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Trump’s hands would be mere
Hors d’oeuvres.

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