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To get to the other side.

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Because there was a big black cock on the other side.

zenvelo's avatar

Because @MrGrimm888 was badgering it with odd questions.

LostInParadise's avatar

Because the grass was greener on the other side.

mhd14's avatar

because chicken saw KFC advt…

canidmajor's avatar

Because she was blessing it.

Kropotkin's avatar

The Russians made it cross the road.

CWOTUS's avatar

Who’s asking? Do you have a warrant? Am I being detained?

rojo's avatar

For fowl reasons.

LuckyGuy's avatar

It wanted to play chicken with the cars.

kritiper's avatar

She wanted to lay it on the line.

cookieman's avatar

She didn’t. She crossed the playground… to get to the other slide.

Strauss's avatar

It didn’t. The highway department came and re-routed the road, and now the chicken is on the other side.

Unofficial_Member's avatar

To discover the meaning of roadkill.

snowberry's avatar

Because it was…THERE.

CWOTUS's avatar

If Hemingway had written about it, it would be

To die. Alone. In the rain.

Coloma's avatar

Because the other chickens were across the road.
Hey, I live in the country, I just had to stop the other day for a hen to run across the road to get to her gang. lol

cazzie's avatar

Because there was a black guy following it. The chicken is a racist dick.

Dutchess_III's avatar

Why did the elephant cross the road? Because it was stapled to the chicken.

I’ve crossed the street to get away from a group of guys who were following me, @Cazzie, and making scary comments. When I crossed the road I heard one of them say, “Well, I guess we’re not going to do anything now!”

ucme's avatar

Because the dumb bobbing headed fucker was artificially high pecking the shit out of some coffee beans spilled when a truck driver from Kenco crashed while distracted by a pigeon thumbing a lift.

Brian1946's avatar

Because it supported LGBT rights, and was on its way to join a protest against Chick-fil-A across the street.

Strauss's avatar

^^Or it was crossing the street to get away from escape Chik-Fil-A!

Brian1946's avatar

^^That would be a more zoologically correct scenario. In that case, the question could be, “Why did the chicken chicken cross the road?”.

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Because it was dead, but its owner buried it in the pet sematary so it came back, all the way back to its owner.

Louis; It’s Ellie’s cat.

Jud; Nuh huh. Iss ya’ cat nah.


CWOTUS's avatar

Because the side he was on was overbooked. So he was clubbed to unconsciousness, shackled and dragged, then dumped without ceremony on the other side of the road.

Who’s next?

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The chicken crossed the road because it was contained (roasted, toasted, battered and fried) between the buns of several Chick-Fil-A sandwiches! With the pickles!

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To lay an egg

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