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How to buy skates online?

Asked by shineyshark (42points) August 9th, 2008

There are many websites that sell hockey skates on the net.. but can anyone tell me if there are any specific things that you need to keep in mind while buying skates off the internet? I know it’s a different thing altogether when you buy them from a shop; you get to wear them and stuff. But off the internet it’s different. I don’t like buying them from a shop as I hate the shopkeepers who try pitching the costlier and most often the less functional varieties to me. So if someone could tell me what exactly are the factors you need to keep in mind while buying the skates online, that would be great. I know my skate size and I already have a Easton skate that I brought off a shop, so I am aware of sizing issues and the brand I need. Is there anything else apart from this that I need to be aware of?

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I don’t think it is a good idea at all, to by any footwear from any online vendor, if the shoe is available at a retail outlet, because in order to discover if a shoe is absolutely right for your own feet, you need to be able to try them on for free.

You can’t do that with an online vendor, because even if you are permitted to return ill-fitting footwear, you still have to pay the to/from shipping charges, and that can be “substantial,” in comparison to just walking into a retail outlet, sitting down and trying something on for free.

Of course, if there are no retail outlets offering what you are seeking, then I guess that using the services of an online distributor would be your only possible option.

I just don’t like the overall idea of having to pay money just for the privilege of trying on a pair of skates, but it isn’t fair for the vendor to be expected to shoulder the financial burden, either.

Good luck, with whatever you decide to do.

August 24, 2008, 8:41 AM EDT

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Thanks for the advice, I finally drove all the way to get my pair of skates. They are great and I am glad I got them from a store and not online.

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Took you more than a month to respond, as I can tell from my time/date stamp.

I hope you weren’t ill…

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