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Who wants to go shopping in Hyderabad today?

Asked by janbb (59209points) April 12th, 2017

As asked.

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All without leaving the comfort of Fluther!

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Who knew how convenient it would be!

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Me! I do!

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Too many beggars. And the traffic is murder.

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I think I’d rather have Mumbai for shopping. If you know what I mean.

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If we go can we bring baseball bats? I can suggest a couple of places we should visit.

@Tropical_Willie That logo looks very similar to Ruger’s.

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They both are Phoenixes !

I’ve got a couple of shorties with lanyards for attaching to your wrist. @LuckyGuy

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Cool! That way people won’t lose their LCPs. :-)

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I think Fluther is #1 advertising site for all things Hyderabad.

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Shopping for my father in Iraq…“would you like a bag dad?”

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@ucme don’t quit your day job; you won’t make on Jimmy Kimmel writing jokes! !

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Kimmel could not afford me dear & yeah, was meant to be a xmas cracker type gag y’know.

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I’m avoiding that place on principal. They keep throwing spam in our pond…

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Now we know the best place for spam production.

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Well, @janbb, we’ll always have Hyderabad…

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If you wanna go it’s really nice place to visit. Here are some glimpses of it Hyderabad Pics

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