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Is there an ignore function on Fluther?

Asked by BellaB (6456points) April 13th, 2017

Is there an ignore/block function on the site?


(yes, I can scroll)

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The closest to an ignore function is the unfollow button on every question.

Other than that, you just have to use your brain’s ignore function.

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Yes, it’s between the angry rant button and the bemused indifference button.

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What is it you want to ignore? Specific users? If so, no. There is no way to do that. I just ignore questions posed by particular people.

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Take your left hand. Extend it towards the person you want to ignore. Palm out, cover the person’s face from your view (preferably while they are still speaking,) and turn your head slightly away. Then say “talk to the hand,” or “you’re talking to the ‘left’ cuz you ain’t right.” Or something like that.

Or, if you want to be boring, ignore them…

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Would that there were.

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Sadly no. The answer section of the questions would be confusing if you were answering.

The best thing to do is obliterate them, in your mind of course.

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