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Is there a function of Fluther that hasn't been working lately?

Asked by flo (12907points) May 9th, 2017

As asked.

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Yeah, a sense of humor.

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Chat—recently fixed! Thank ben and/or the Fluther gods, but mostly ben.

Questions for You—someone mentioned it was working for them again? I haven’t had anything pop up on it… It’s been weirdly, sparsely intermittent for a while now.

Awards—certain ones still aren’t working. I know the “visited Fluther for x number of days in a row” ones aren’t, not sure about others.

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@Soubresaut How about among the top 3 or so important features?

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@flo—I’m not sure. Those are the only things I am aware of. Is there something that hasn’t been working for you?

Actually, now that you mention it, there was also a bug where some people on computers weren’t able to post questions. They were able to on mobile devices or tablets. I don’t know the status of that issue.

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@Soubresaut For me, the question issue has been fixed.

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-Giving GA while using a tablet. It doesn’t work for me.
-The preview window doesn’t work while typing the Question Title part (on a desktop).

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And the Ask a Question feature.

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In the top right corner, where the Fluther logo typically is, it just shows a tiny image of a hill and clouds, and it says “Fluther Logo” next to it. I’ve refreshed the page and done a restart and it still isn’t back.
That could just be happening for me, and it isn’t that important. Just adding it in.
Edit: It comes back occasionally, and then leaves.

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