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Anyone know why my photos don't show any more on FaceBook?

Asked by janbb (52220points) May 12th, 2017

I had a number of photos for viewing and recently it says “Photos: Nothing to Show” when I go to my profile. Anyone know why or how to remediate it?

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@janbb: Did you try logging out of FB and logging back in?

I’m going to google this. I’m curious because I have a lot of photos on FB and would be very upset if this ever happened to me. I did see one Jelly on here once saying that FB is not a photo storage site. I am wondering if using Instagram is better, and then sharing via FB, since Instagram is a photo storage site.

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Well, I dont’t store them there. These are just the ones that i’ve shared on FB from my iPhone. But I will try logging in and out. I think they are still there but they don’t display but i can’t find a setting to change that.

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I did and it still says none to show but if you click on Photos, they’re all there. I guess I won’t worry about it (much.)

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I think your photos are there in your facebook. restart your facebook in a different browser. Refresh your browser. hope this helps you

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