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There is a good chance the Rudy Giuliani is involved with Trumps business dealing with the Russians. If he is implicated, will he try to cop a plea?

Asked by rojo (24176points) May 18th, 2017

Giuliani’s name has been floating around for the entire time that Trumps involvement with Russian businessmen has been the topic of conversation This Article seems to indicate that he is willing to make a deal but that James Comey, a former employee of Giuliani, would not make a deal with him because he has so much on him that he doesn’t need to make a deal and implies he could take him down with the information he has.

Now that Comey is out of the picture, do you think Rudy Giuliani will try to cover his own behind by throwing Trump under the bus?

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The whole GOP will collectively drive the BUS.

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The great thing about the special counsel is that he is a well respected, non-partisan, no bullshit straight shooter. Giuliani knows this, and knows his reputation. He knows if he cops a plea, it will be “spill the beans, and we’ll see how useful the info is before deciding on sentence.

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^^Right. And as a former United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Giuliani knows exactly what he would do if he were prosecuting a big case. LOL.

Once there was hard evidence of White House collusion in the Watergate break in, the people closest to Nixon began to cut deals and sell each other down the river like rats on a fireship. It took about eleven months for the dam to burst, but the CYA got so thick they couldn’t print the subpeonas fast enough.

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