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Could you decide whether a person is a male or a female just by reading their messages?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2141points) May 26th, 2017

Does intuition play a part here? Have you ever tried to guess what a person’s gender could be based on their writings!? and did you judge it right?
Did it happen with you on Fluther?

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I don’t know why but ladies over here thought I’m a female / couldn’t decide whether male or female. I came to know about this confusion couple of days back. I think I can guess them pretty well. Can’t be 100℅ sure though.

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Do you see any difference in writing?

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You can decide, but you can’t verify. How will you know if you’re right or wrong?

We may make our guesses, but it’s nothing but guesswork. If someone deliberately tries to fool us, they probably can. It’s not like we can go to their home and, uh, count their chromosomes.

Quite a few flutherfolk have been generally thought to belong to one sex until they explicitly identified with the other. Some think everybody has them figured correctly, so they don’t mention it, and others cultivate ambiguity.

Most of the time it doesn’t matter, but sometimes it really does color our understanding of the person’s answers to know if they’re speaking for or about their own sex.

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No, there is no way to tell if a person is male or female through social media.

Sometimes there are giveaways about a person’s age but even that can be hard to determine. People of the baby boomer era and older do not use texting shortcuts and jargon.

Its hard for people to hide their hatreds and things they oppose, however. That always shines through all attempts at trying to look unbiased.

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Not unless the person explicitly tells you so or mentions their gender in an answer or Q. they ask. I have been wrong many times making unconscious assumptions/associations invented in my own head.

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No, but some types of expression and interests and views seem more masculine or feminine, though of course we all have both of those in us.

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I have got it wrong with people a few times and a few people here have got it wrong with me. Subconsciously I think I am always trying to establish people’s gender and I use the slightest of clues to form an impression.

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I’ve been told by a few people on Fluther that they thought I was a guy.

I speculated that maybe my cat avatar looks like a boy cat.

I’m definitely not a guy but I can’t be mad at those that incorrectly guessed that I was. I also was one who thought @imrainmaker was a girl.

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I don’t even try anymore. I treat everyone here as a male until proven differently. The women get a little upset by the harsh language I use, but fuck it. If they come out as women, I might consider being a bit more polite when they say stupid shit—as un-PC as that is. But, really, they just need to grow some balls.

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There isn’t a way to tell for sure based on writing. I never thought of what gender you guys were. Never needed too. I guess the only way to know for sure was if they flat out told you, or if they make it obvious with like a username or something. (My username for example, “Sergeant Queen implies I am a female, which I am)

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I’m not sure if squashes are male or female.

There are only a couple of Jellies where I have gone back and forth wondering, but for all I know, I’ve got everybody’s gender wrong.

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