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Is there a program that allows someone to remotely watch your computer screen over the Internet (e.g., watch a PowerPoint presentation)?

Asked by josh (17points) July 24th, 2007
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yes more than one. I have used pc anywhere its easy to use

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LogMeIN, ShowMyPc

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Slightly more complicated, but great cross-platform (and no client installation) is TightVNC -- requires a firewall rule on the hosting side, but anyone with the password can connect to the web server and get your screen.

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The people also make and --
I haven't used them , but the GoToMyPC is so easy to use, I'd imagine these are comparable.

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I'll second the recommendation for GoToMeeting. I used it regularly in my past job and it was much more affordable than the other professsional packages out there (Webex, microsoft livemeeting, etc).

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Logmein works fine for me

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"Glance" is a good program. Pricey, but you can try it for free.

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