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Would you talk to the principal?

Asked by SuperMouse (30793points) August 11th, 2008

I have a nine year old son starting fourth grade. For the last two years he has had teachers who were pregnant and left half way through the school year (one came back after eight weeks, the other was gone the rest of the year). Tonight we found out that his fourth grade teacher is pregnant and will be taking a leave in the middle of the year. I am very tempted to talk to the principal and ask to have him moved to a class where for the first time since first grade, he’ll have the same teacher for the entire school year. Any thoughts?

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I think it is certainly worth a shot. You have nothing to lose and your request is reasonable. Let us know the outcome.

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I’m with Gail, not having a ‘secure’ teacher is an absolute pain, I know I hate it when we’re always getting substitute teachers and such because either a) they can’t teach that subject too well and/or b) they just don’t undertstand who you are as a pupil.

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I would definatly talk to the Principal, if there are sevral other teachers its not going to hurt to try

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Absolutely. My daughter was in the same boat and finally made a comment that bothered me. She was having problems with something in class, I suggested that she talk to the teacher and see how she wants it done, she replied, “Why bother? Yet another teacher that won’t be there for the entire year. I’ll just have to start doing it a different way.”

Yikes! I did talk to the Asst Principal and the following year, she was with the same teacher, all year.

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My counsler is pregnant anf going to have her baby in the middle of my senior year, im worried about that

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I would totally ask. The worst that can happen is “no” and possibly you’ll get what you want. Go for it!

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I would ask because your daughter has already been through this situation twice. She should get a consistent year this year.

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I talked to the principal and he was moved to a different class.

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Good news, Supermouse. Hats off. Was it fairly straightforward or did you meet any resistance?

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At first the principal told me that he understood my point but that there was nothing he could do. I politely explained to him that was his problem and I needed to advocate for my kid. I threw in the fact that fourth graders take a very important writing assessment – since No Child Left Behind principals live and die by their test scores. He said he would see what he could do and get back to me. He called a couple of hours later and told me he took care of it. Thanks for your input and interest.

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Well done.

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Good job, Mom! :)

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Good to hear SuperMouse, I hope school life continues well for your child :)

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I would talk to the principal because that could affect his learning. Talk to her and stand your ground super mom!!!!

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