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Why do I sleep better using NightGuard?

Asked by gondwanalon (16049points) August 8th, 2017

NOTE: This is NOT a commercial!

I sleep so much better with deep sound with vivid detailed dreams since I started using NightGuard®.

But why? Perhaps somehow the NightGuard calms my nerves so I can sleep better? May the placebo effect in action?

Dentists have been telling me that I need protection for my grinding teeth for a long time. Finally I paid $600 to get a NightGuard fitted for my mouth.

When I first tried it on at the dentist’s office it was very uncomfortable and I thought that I just blew $600 as I will likely never wear it.

On the way home I noticed that I actually grind my teeth nearly constantly. Perhaps it has something to do with the “anxiety problem” that family practice doctors told me that I have (and I refuse to take dugs for).

Anyway, a few days later my wife asked how I like my NightGuard? I lied and said that it’s OK even though I didn’t even try sleeping with it.

Guilt of lying and waisting the money drove me to actually try it. I thought, “Here goes a sleepless night”. But I quickly dropped off into the deepest sleep that I can remember. Such a wonderful dream in which I had conversations with several fictitious people that my brain just made up.

Since then I’ve really look forward to going to bed with my NightGuard.

Do you use a NightGuard?

What is your experience using your NightGuard?

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I worked with a woman who had terrible TMJ and bruxism. She got fitted for a mouthpiece by her orthodontist, and said it was the best thing that ever happened to her.

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I’ve used a dentist fitted Nightguard for 27 years because of TMJ and Bruxism. I was grinding so much several of my teeth were loose.

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Why on earth does my mouthpiece make me nauseous in my sleep? Do I can’t wear it!

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@ZEPHYRA Ask your dentist WHY?

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He says I will get used to it. Doesn’t seem like it.

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@ZEPHYRA Sorry that your experience is bad.
We are all different and infinitely complex. It’s understandable that people react differently to the same experience. Looks like we can only guess why.

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@gondwanalon I used to grind my teeth. I think I was in my teens when I was told about it. It’s hard on your teeth. Hard on your jaws. I used night guards for a long time. I still have what I think of as a “busy” mouth. Always chewing or sucking, or clenching my jaws. Tiresome! When I chewed gum I didn’t just chew gum. I was snapping it and popping it and I’m sure annoying others. I haven’t chewed gum for years now. I’m glad your night guard is such a relief for you! And possibly your wife? rofl

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You could have mild OSA and the night guard is helping keep your airway open.

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I snored for years until I started doing neck exercises unintentionally. Lay on your back, lift your feet up 6 inchs of the ground and try to lift your whole body up with your hands by your side. You should feel tension around your neck. I do this for tummy and core muscles but found my snoring stopped as well.

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Thank you all for the input.

@Cuttlefffish Good information.

I’ve been doing three types of leg lifts at least 3 times per week with 6 other types of calisthenics since December 2009 (after a severe hamstring injury). Perhaps the benefits of the leg-lifts finally kicked in or it’s a combination of the the leg-lifts and the NightGuard that has stopped my snoring.

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