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Are there really such things as “Worst Generation(s)/Cohort(s)”?

Asked by Catnip5 (342points) September 15th, 2017

Can we all just get along?

I’ve watched this interesting video the other day about generations. By ‘generations’ in this case, I’m referring to the following cohorts: The Lost, GI, Silent, Baby Boomers, Jones, Gen X, MTV, Millennials, Gen Z, then what’s yet to come out of Alphas, and so forth.

Every generation seems to make sharp criticism and stereotypes about the other. They would point fingers at each other to call out the worst. This cycle is pretty much akin to the upper classmen in school picking on the lower classmen. Upper classmen tend to patronize the lower classmen, while the lower classmen tend to view them as arrogant. All kinds of groups would try to out-pride the other any time. Lately, I kind of felt the tensions between Baby Boomers and Millennials have especially grew notorious over the years. It kind of safe to say that hypocrisy exists for every generation, much like trials and tribulations, repeating history, and juvenoia.

I’m born in 1991. Which would make me a younger millennial/Gen Y by definition. And I don’t really fall into half of the negative stereotypes often made about my generation. Not sure where the transition really ends between millennials and generation Z. Some sources suggest after 1995 for the latter, while other sources suggest after 1999. Do most gen Z preferred to be called post-millennials, centennial, igenerations, or homeland generations? A lot of sources also seem to be all over the place when it comes to their unofficial nickname. Is ‘the MTV Generation” really an official nickname for Gen X, or was that nickname served for another cohort of its own (like with Generation Jones)?

Politically, I’m a lot more moderate. I personally wouldn’t mind some progressive, libertarian, and fiscally ideas here and there. But I can’t stand SJW/radical left types, or whacko alt right/radical right types either. The fact how there seems to be a stereotypical consensus regarding the average millennials leaning more towards the former direction is almost quite a depressing stigma for me at times, to say the least, considering the state where both Americans and British have ended up now. The same could almost be said about the average baby boomers with their extreme conservatism pride too. But I kind of digress there a bit.

However, I don’t believe that all millennials are SJWs or that all baby boomers are ultra-rights. Gen X aren’t probably all that rowdy or ‘angsty’ for their hours either. The Silent Generation likely once faced beef from their Lost Generation elders themselves when they were young.

‘Kids these days!’

What are your thoughts? Do you really believe there is a generation that is (purportedly) considered ‘the worst’ or not?

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On a side note, do these coined generation terms mostly just apply to American and other western societies? For instance, are the average African or Asian ‘millennials’ all that different from the average American and European millennials based on their upbringing?

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Yes. And it is the old generations.
The further you go back in time, the more likely they are to be racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic. That alone makes them scu-

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It’s all bullshit until you buy into it. It’s usually about unhappy people that have an axe to grind and need a place to set the blame for their tiny, miserable, unfulfilled lives.

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@ragingloli It was safe to say that a lot of the older generations in times past didn’t really know any better. A lot of things they had to grow up were ‘products of their time’, including propagandas. So they grew to accept some of those things as part of the norm and adopted certain identities. Some eventually grew out of that phase while others stubbornly chose to relive/revive the ‘good ol days’ as much as possible, even at the expense of others.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Yeah, it would seem so.

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I do feel that the so-called “Millennials” are a poor representation of American values. They seem to have no skills, and have a sense of entitlement that is mind boggling.
I am, of course, generalizing here- there are fantastic people that were born in this generation, many of them- but the basic group fits this paradigm,

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