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Can someone help me solve this algebraic word problem?

Asked by chelle21689 (6898points) September 22nd, 2017

I’m back in school for my graduate degree and it’s been several years since I’ve done math which is my weakest subject. So, I’m studying for the basic math test on a Friday night.

Anyway, can someone help explain this?
K earns twice as much as T and half as much as M. Their
combined income is $210,000. How much does each person

K $60,000; T $30,000; M

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K + T + M = 210,000

K = 2T = 0.5M ( simplifying M = 4T )

Substituting for K and M into the first equation gives:

2T + T + 4T = 210,000

7T =210,000

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