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What hairstyle would suit my face shape?

Asked by TheSpiderWeb (181points) October 24th, 2017

Here is a link:

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Meh. You appear to be a guy (these days, I don’t want to assume too much). In that case, “whatever” works. Really.

I’m an older guy – much older – and also white (if I may continue to assume), and a short brush cut has been working for me for decades now. It’s great. I still have hair (a full head of it), and I haven’t had to brush or comb my hair or put anything into it in… decades. I step out of the shower, run a towel through it, and my hair is “done”. And it doesn’t look awful, unkempt or uncared-for.

Pretty damn liberating. On the other hand, I’m also at that age where I’m becoming invisible, so there’s also that. You’re still at an age (me, assuming again) where people consciously ignore you. Wait’ll you become invisible; that’s a trip.

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Check this link for hair styles based on face shapes.

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That link is not going to help because it still does not help me with figuring what faceshape I like.

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”… what face shape I like .”?? And I’ve always imagined face shape was something I was born with. ~

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I was asking what hairstyle would fit my face shape.

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I think a simple comb over. Looks like you kind of having that going on already. Maybe get taper or light to medium skin fade with a hard part or hard line if you like that.

Seems like you have thick hair that is hard to tame, not a bad thing but some kind of product would help or perhaps necessary to achieve the hairstyle.

There is a TON of variations for it….

for me something like this is what I like, the very clean cut look doesn’t work for me I feel. To each their own.

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