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Is there any page of Fluther that you can't get to via the tabs on the homepage?

Asked by flo (11185points) November 21st, 2017

So, is there any page that can’t be reached via the tabs on the top, Home, etc, or and the Social, General, Meta, and at the bottom Guidelines, etc?

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With a single click? (In which case, yes, some take a series of clicks to get to)

Or do you mean pages that you’d need to use the Search to get to, or to know an address? (In which case, I don’t know, but I expect there are moderator-only pages and administrator-only pages, and user-specific pages such as private messages, and maybe some content that hasn’t been linked, or that isn’t visible without a search or knowing the URL.)

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@ZakuI ‘m thinking of a website where the name of the director of the org. is not found with any of the tabs. I mean it’s not under About, Founders, Membrs, etc. I you don’t know the name of the person or if the name is spelled very unusual way, ....

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