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How do you translate "Fantastic singer! I've been anticipating this album for a while!" in French?

Asked by rockfan (9138points) November 22nd, 2017 from iPhone

I know the French words but unsure of the sentence structure.

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Chanteur formidable (if male)
Chanteuse formidable (if femaile)

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Sent to a student of French.

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Ce chanteur est fantastique! ( or cette chantuese, f.). J’ai attendu cet album record depuis longtemps.

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Edit: chanteuse for feminine. Typo

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@janbb I am deeply disappointed to read “or” in the middle of your beautiful French.

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That’s for rockfan’s benefit. If I used “ou”, she might not have understood.

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I begrudgingly acquiesce.

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If you are honest, and admit to the French that you are sure that their English is better than your French, so is it OK if we speak English, they will generally speak respectable English.
In which case, you really don’t need a translation.

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That’s definitely true in most cases, but I wanted to post this comment to my aunts Facebook status, who speaks poor English

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