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Is it justifiable for my management to refuse paying me for overtime?"?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20609points) January 4th, 2018

As you know I am a transport driver, and in the winter here in B.C the roads can get pretty bad at times.
So from time to time the run can take extra time, meaning extra hours anywhere from 3 to 10 hours on a pay period.
Management no longer wants to pay for those hours.
As drivers we can’t help the extra hours due to road conditions, or frozen equipment.
Is management within their right not to pay those extra hours?
Should we refuse to go when we know it will take extra time to do the run?
I should add our runs are based on a trip rate, but that rate was figured out on good running conditions, winter conditions were never figured in the rate time.

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Are you part of a union? Could you contact them for assistance?

(Yes, of course you should be paid!)

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Absolutely you should be paid. And I always thought Canada was a fair minded nation. Methinks you folks are getting bright ideas from U.S. RepubliCONs on how to jack over the working class.

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No, of course not. Not only are you putting in more time, but the conditions are worse. Both should be worth more than spending less time driving in better conditions!

I’m surprised there is any question of it being legal for them to pull that.

It sound like time for unions and lawyers to develop a unified strategy.

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