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How much time does it take you to get to work?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1911points) September 25th, 2010

Right now, I’m going the long way, my travel time is about an hour and a half untill I get to work. I’m afraid it’s just too much and look for alternative ways to shorten the time for at least an hour. Hope I can. Three hours seems to be on the road every day it’s really a lot.

What do you think?
How long it takes you?

I try to entertain my time talking to friends while driving and especially a lot of good music I love.

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It takes me 2 minutes.I work out of my house.
I would probably drive that distance if I couldn’t move closer because I like what I do.

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I have two hospitals that I work in – so about 45 min-hour.

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It takes me about 25 minutes to get to work. When I worked in LA it took at least 45 minutes and when I had to go downtown or to Orange County for meetings it took at least two and a half hours.

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Ten seconds… I work from home. I know I am fortunate

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About half an hour on the interstate, assuming people aren’t any dumber than usual. If I take the alternate route, it’s closer to an hour; lower speed limit and many traffic lights, as well as a special brand of stupidity.

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It depends. If I am in town, about 10 minutes, 15 on my bike. If I am at a customer’s site up to two days and 12000 miles.

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A half an hour on the freeway or close to 40 minutes on the surface streets is the freeways gets clogged with an accident. I’ve commuted in the past 40 minutes each way and thought myself forturnate but now I’m spoiled and the 30 minutes sometimes seems a long time.

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about 12 to 15 seconds, depending if i rub my eyes or not before i sit down at the computer.

the most i ever had to travel was when i was working in the UK, it was about 1.2 hours each way, and yea it did suck indeed.

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3 minutes, military…

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20 seconds to open up the applicatons, assuming I have the computer switched on.

Else 1 minute 10 seconds.

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I work from home so zero time.

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20–30 minutes via public transportation.

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About 30 minutes to my paying job, about 40 or 45 to my internship. 45 minutes is about my limit.

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4 minutes on bike unless its super windy, then 5 or 6. I work 11 blocks from home :D

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Depending which air field I am working – anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

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About half an hour if the traffic isn’t bad. I like the drive to work, it’s valuable alone time before I face the day in a job that isn’t making me happy at the moment. I wish the journey home, however,was shorter!

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To get to work (ie my job as a student) takes 5–7 minutes depending on which room I am in.

Getting to work, as in starting an essay, takes until the week before the deadline.

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School is 5 minutes away. Doing my work is 5 days away.

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22 minutes to bus, maybe 19, then another 25 on the bus-I am always there before 8. I love the bus now ,never thought I would say it- read, chat whatever.

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If I leave home at 630am, it takes about 35 mins by car. If I leave at 7am, about 1 hr and 10 mins. The traffic gets bad….................

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I commuted to work 200 miles round trip daily for 8 years. It would take me 1 hour 20 minutes to get to work in the morning because I left at 5:30 a.m and the trafffic was light. At the time my boss let me work from 7a.m to 3p.m.. After leaving work I would stop by and see my parents then head for home around 5 or 6p.m. Rush hour traffic made it harder to get home. Anyway, it made for some very long days, but I enjoyed it.

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@AmWiser Gosh you certainly worked long days didn’t you?

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20 minutes, but I walk. I wouldn’t like to be much further away. When you’re dependent on traffic or public transport, lots of complications can arise.

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I get to school in 10 minutes, but on fridays it would take an additional fifteen to twenty minutes becaus I also have to work

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15 minutes by car.

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About an hour.

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Years ago I used to hate commuting in a car every day both ways in Silicon Valley. Tired? ..tough luck. Daydream and you’re dead. A friend in Palo Alto says it has only gotten worse in the couple decades since I left CA.
More recently my commute was forty minutes each way, on the subway so I got a lot of reading done in that time. My work group got moved a few months ago to a building I can see out my window – almost too close. Ten minutes desk to desk if I dawdle. I am way behind on my reading now.

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