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In your opinion, what movies would have been a lot better if one of the supporting characters had been the protagonist?

Asked by ragingloli (43800points) February 1st, 2018

For example, the protagonist of Kung Fu Panda should have been Tigress.

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The protagonist of Call Me by Your Name should have been the housekeeper.

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I can’t take credit for this idea, but I thought it was interesting: the main protagonist of Passengers as Jennifer’s Lawrence’s character instead of Chris Pratt’s.

YouTube video here describing the change (with spoilers)

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I would much rather have seen Luke, Han, and Leia as protagonists than “let’s make them lame and kill them off” characters in Star Wars episodes VII and VIII (and if they’d been written and directed by almost anyone other than JJ Abrams).

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In American Beauty, anyone else.

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I would like to see Jar-Jar binks as a villain.

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Well, that’s the entire premise behind Wicked, of course, and I liked that very much.

The only other movie where I’d like to see (or to have seen) something like that tried would have been The Usual Suspects, but because of the plot – which I won’t give away here to anyone who may not have seen it – that’s not entirely possible, I think.

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