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Can you name a few movies based on social causes or having some message for viewers?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) February 11th, 2018

What was the cause that they support and which is your favourite?

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Norma Rae – textile workers’ rights
Erin Brockevich – environmental degradation
Selma – civil rights
Schindler’s List – the Holocaust and one man’s saving of Jewish lives
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner – interracial dating
Loving – intermarriage and the Supreme Court challenge
Milk – Harvey Milk and gay rights
The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner – class struggle

I could go on but it’s getting late. I guess Milk was one of my favorites but there are many good ones.

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“Supersize Me” – Obesity in the US

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Medicine Man for the protection of rain forests.

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Milk – The true story of Harvey Milk, kind of the Martin Luther King Jr. of gay rights.
Cyberbully – High school bullying using social media.
Odd Girl Out – Again high school bullying but is older and less internet-based than Cyberbully.
Changling (2008) – You didn’t specify that it had to be current. This a true story of one of the most heinous cases of police corruption in history.
Front of the Class – The struggles of special needs people to fit into society and their ability to succeed nonetheless.
Supersize Me – A documented experiment that illustrates the health detriments of fast food.
Learning to Drive – A large part of this film is strong Immigrant discrimination in the US.

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Human Flow on the refugee crisis is topical and very moving.

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Walking Dead – the death penalty.
China Syndrome – danger of nuclear power.

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@zenvelo: “Walking Dead – the death penalty.”

That’s an interesting take on The Walking Dead. :)

I suspect you meant Dead Man Walking.

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Taxi to the Dark Side on the early days of the “war on terror” is chilling.

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If documentaries are included, check out Requiem for an American Dream (currently streaming on Netflix).

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@thisismyusername my bad,you are right.

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Padman of Akshay Kumar!

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