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How can a publication like High Times be okay?

Asked by mikey7183 (338points) August 15th, 2008

don’t get me wrong: I love the mag!!, but how can a magazine that tells you how to use and grow an illegal substance be legal and not prosecuted under the law? What if someone had a publication that was about how to rob banks? Would that publication be okay with the authorities? Maybe this is a stupid question, but I am interested in everyone’s take on this – especially the lawyers and law peeps!! Thanks

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The “Anarchist Cookbook” is a book that tells you how to make bombs all though I heard they don’t work well. My friend has a copy he bought off the internet. Rapper Master P. sings a song on one of his albums called “Make Crack Like This.” It tells you how to make crack. Its a right Americans have called freedom of speech. And in some states if you have a medical marijuana card it is legal to grow and use your own herb.

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Aren’t there also all kinds of gun magazines? And magazines that tell you how to make bombs,etc. -oops, the response above just took the words out of my mouth! Too late.

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Freedom of speech/press. They don’t sell the stuff, though. Do they still have ads for seeds from Marc Emery?

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Cause its all about growing “tomatoes”

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Now the logic with banks is flawed because all banks are different. They make have the same idea (safe, safety deposit boxes, cameras) but they are all different.

Sure you can have information like go at night, know your stuff, etc but you would need to study one bank thoroughly to even be attempt a robbery.

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Sounds like ya have a lil experience.

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I just read it for the pictures…

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I’m more curious how a publication like Swank can be okay.

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Gee, the magazine is no where near as descriptive as the internet and I am pretty sure that is legal. Try this website on for size called how to grow marijuana.

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So far, there are no thought or reading police.

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That magazine is still in Publication? Groovy man…. then I digress

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Next the Man/Boy group will have its own magazine about child pornography. I’m not sure that this is what the forefathers intended with freedom of speech and press.

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