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Do you think it would work if everyone started keeping their kids home from school until this gun problem is figured out?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38415points) February 18th, 2018

I just read on FB that high school kids are planning a walk out on April 20th and refusing to go back to school until it is resolved. If they weren’t actually thinking about it before, they sure are now.

What if we staged a nationwide walk out on the schools?

Shades of the 70’s.

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Not when the politicians who support guns are the same ones who are antagonistic towards public schools. The walkout is a perfectly fine idea to bring attention to the problem, but a long-term boycott would just be a tool for undermining public education.

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Or those who desire can consider online homeschooling.

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No, it wouldn’t work at all. Parents aren’t going to each do home schooling, kids aren’t going to teach themselves.

It would also wreak havoc with the school funding apparatus, which is based on student-classroom days.

Frankly, this is dancing around the problem, when we should be attacking it directly. The problem is not the school. The problem is guns.

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@elbanditoroso But gun issues are countered out by those who want guns. Dancing around the issue might be the only available viable solution.

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Letting the gun owners blackmail the rest of us is not a viable path to freedom.

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@elbanditoroso O.K. then what do you suggest?

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Not giving into the blackmailers.

Shame the politicians. Make it unwise for a politician to be seen supporting the NRA.

Reward politicians for voting for gun control, and punish politicians for supporting the NRA.

Make the political payoffs that the NRA makes to legislators stink.

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@elbanditoroso Is that a new idea? Has anyone suggested it before? If it is not new then why hasn’t it worked till now?

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Money, @RedDeerGuy1. The NRA pays out billions in bribe money.

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@Dutchess_III Oh. Ok. Looks like a perfect time to, “drain the swamp”?

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I think this walkout is a great idea. I don’t know if keeping them from school for a prolonged period of time would help, but if everyone did this for a day or two or even a week their voices will be heard. The students from Parkland are rightfully enraged and most of the country supports them. Trump is on notice.

I took my child out of school this year due to bigotry, so we’re already homeschooling for now. I would support my child in this walkout if he were in school.

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Why do we call it a gun problem, we sure don’t call drunk driving a vehicle problem?

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No. Because you would just have more screwed up, uneducated idiots committing mass murder.
You want the problem solved?? Arm everyone or eliminate everyone. Problem solved, 100%!

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This came about by the surviving students from Parkland. The baby boomers in office won’t protect them, so what are they supposed to do? Stay silent? They watched their friends die. They walked over bloody bodies. The age of the old white haired man receiving money from the NRA to enact laws is over, or will be soon enough.

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329 years is a long time to miss school.

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I imagine that a prolonged hold out, would be very logistically difficult to orchestrate. Many parents would have to figure out what to do with their children. Just roaming around instead of being at school could be more dangerous than attending.

Then there’s truancy. It is illegal for children to miss a certain amount of days of school.

I could also see this damaging some kids’ education. Would certain colleges not want to accept a kid that was part of such a protest? If the college has a large amount of conservative donors, I could see them pressuring the schools.

I would add that is is absolutely PATHETIC, that our children are seeing their only option for protection as being themselves. Yeah. America is great alright. What a load of shit, that our leaders would rather line their pockets than help our children. Children are arguably our nation’s greatest asset…

Even if you don’t support tighter gun control, the time is long passed to be looking at options. It should be a top priority. Not a fucking wall, or Russian investigation. Trump has yet again shown his true colors here…

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They are the equivalent of the 60’s hippies, and the 60’s hippies made a huge difference. Except the kids today have the old hippy’s support. The old people detested the 60’s hippies. How DARE they question their government.

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If the students promised to vote out politicians favored by the NRA, either by voting when they get to voting age or by convincing their parents and neighbors, politicians might take notice.

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But then the yank parents will be driven even madder & wind up shooting their kids themselves

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