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What happens when you try to login, does it go to the login page or stay on homepage?

Asked by flo (12981points) March 19th, 2018

And how do you get it to stay on the homepage for loging in? I don’t know why it happens but it happens from time to time. And it happens when somethings are not working not when everything is ok.

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On a mobile phone or a PC/laptop? ? ?

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On mobile it stays on the home page. There’s is another small login link which works fine after that. I have reported this issue long time back.

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I am/ was using a desktop computer.

@imrainmaker I don’t understand the “after that” part.

I keep getting except just a few minutes ago, I logged out and 2 minutes later logged in on homepage.

And today the usernames on the thread don’t show up below after the @

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@flo I used ” @ ” and your user name came up at the bottom of the yellow “Answer Box”.

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@flo – There are 2 login links. One is displayed on top which is prominent while other is smaller link displayed below text “Are you already a member?”. If you click on the prominent link on top it just refreshes the page while the second link works fine by asking you to login using your credentials.

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@imraimaker I’m referring to this page:

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ok.. that works fine for me.

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It does work, I’m not saying it doesn’t function. I mean I find once in while, clicking login in the I get that page when normally it stays in the homepage.

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Just happens sometimes. Since the login page had my login info saved all I have to do is key the letter D and.everything pops up all filled in. It takes 2 seconds.

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