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What is the history/background of Pajas cookies?

Asked by timothykinney (2743points) August 16th, 2008

La_chica_gomela is making some for a dinner party, but we don’t know anything about them if people ask. They are made with apricots, coconut, and chocolate chips.

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… and condensed milk and pecans. I got the recipe from I was called upon to produce a Mexican dessert, so I went to the foodnetwork website, and this one was super-easy. Problem is, I have no idea what part of Mexico they’re from, or even if they’re authentic. Numerous Spanish and English google searches turned up almost nothing. Almost all the food-oriented references to “pajas” were to “patatas pajas” which is grated potatoes (I believe), and unfortunately completely unrelated.

I think it’s called “pajas” because that means “straws” and the toasted shredded coconut looks kind of like straws. Beyond that….any assistance would be much appreciated.

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I could not find any meaty references either. Some places associate the cookie with Christmas. Most call it a traditional Mexican dessert.

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