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Who was the last person to get a "letter of marque"?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19453points) April 6th, 2018

Could in the future could we reinstate “Letter of marque” for the internet or other out of control venues? Do any countries still enlist legalized piracy? Like maybe Somalia? For anyone who doesn’t now what letter of marque is its legalized piracy.

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Well, I’ve read the CIA used to (still does?) get involved in illegal drugs activities to get themselves some unofficial funding. That’s a little bit like a letter of marque, though only partly done at sea.

There’s also the DEA legally taking from people without convictions.

And speed traps and speed cameras as a legalized way to extract money from people on the roads.

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Oh the Russian government seems to have hired gangster thug types to do various unsavory operations in former Soviet republics (now supposedly free countries…).

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