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What are your thoughts on sad, love songs?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16216points) June 3rd, 2018

Do they help you?

Do they just further depress you?

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They need to have a satirical or comedic twist.

Like this one
You have left me.
That was pretty harsh.
You instantly
had a new one.

You have left me.
And that was mean.
Your new one is ugly.
And relatively small.

You have left me.
That was not very fair.
I am about 10cm
taller than him.

You have left me.
That was quite horrible.
I will not forget it.
And revenge is sweet.

Because it has to be tonight.
I will break into your place.
And there I will hide inside your closet.
In your closet I will hide.
And inside I will wait for you.
You always said I was sick.

And while you sleep
I will shit on your stomach
and then your persian cat gets dunked in the toilet.
Yes, while you sleep
I will shave your dog
and stick a permanent marker into your mouth.

You sleep so soundly
you sense nothing
I will vomit into your shoes
and then you will get a full body tattoo.

Let us see if
your new one still loves you,
when your forehead reads “born to kill”.

I wish you
1000 years of bad sex
and that you die during it
from pox and the plague,
if you leave me.

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I can always count on Loli, to give me a smile. From one alien to another, thanks;)

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My iPod is full of sad love songs.
Shared pain is eased pain?

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Waste of time. Better to look positively at the future than mope about the past.

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I appreciate them. It depends on what mood I am in on whether they depress or help me. They do both at different times. They surely have helped me a lot tho. Crying is good for the psyche.

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I like them. There is nothing like a good dose of melancholy to cheer you up.

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I used to hear them a lot but not much nowadays. Some are too intense and can impact your positivity so I stopped listening.

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The emotions of a love lost, can take many forms…

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